Mar. 29th, 2008

- in particular that section of the world including G me, Rickey [ profile] jou, Chef Irvin [ profile] jadis31 and ??? can't believe I haven't picked a character for you yet! D: [ profile] monophobia - that YAY WE'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!11!eleven!!!

*fist in the air*

(Also, this might be as good a time as ever to mention that, in that regard, at some point in the past I did try wondering which character Ni could play, if we were to follow the aforementioned guidelines. I couldn't think of anyone who could fit the bill. At first. I was going down the "Like, it'd have to be someone connected at least to both Jojo and me" road when SAL KELLER started flashing in my head.

Oh. Oh the tears of laughter were still streaming down my face five minutes after.)

(We do have to find someone better suited for you, honey, though.)

And noooow: got it from [ profile] ani_bester, who got it from [ profile] bzzinglikeneon, who got it from...

Based entirely on my personality (so if you've met me before, block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a "played by" who you think would best represent me. Reply here with the picture or link.

This person may be male or female depending on whether *I* strike you as male or female.

I will respond with who I think should play you (only this might take all weekend, so I don't advise holding your breath!)

Now I'll go back to some good html coding. *g* I always wonder how come people don't realize how much fun it is... ;D

ETA: I need more Liquor icons.

ETA2: I was thinking about this before - are there no Cloud Cult icons around? How is it possible that the whole wide world isn't in love with them yet? ;P Theirs is the first CD I've actually bought (like, with money) in... oh, I don't know how much time. I love it so much. Journey of the Featherless is my latest crush. ;P

ETA3: I am also THE WORST EMAIL CORRESPONDANT IN THE WORLD. D: Especially when it comes to the real important stuff :( Please forgive me? ♥



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