kasche ([personal profile] kasche) wrote2008-09-29 11:57 pm
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So, I'll be taking the TOEFL pretty soon - I'd been postponing it for a while, because (a) it's only valid two years (though I've got to admit that it makes sense) and (b) it's not exactly cheap either - so this afternoon I did a trial test a friend had got for me.

I find amusing (and telling) enough that the only part of it I had real troubles it was the one where I was required to answer a question and/or give a personal opinion. The problem wasn't the answer itself - but that I had only 60 seconds to give it. Dude, I'd barely started by then! (You also have about 20 seconds before that, to organize your thoughts and plan your answer. Most of those seconds were a complete blank. Thinking before I speak? How do you go about doing that?)

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