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Title: The Turn
Fandom: c'mon, guys...
Characters: Sirius & Remus
Rating: sometimes it's G. Sometimes it's not.
Notes: I love my [livejournal.com profile] jadis31 WAY TOO MUCH for my own good. ♥ It was also (vaguely) inspired by the Prestige. Nope, I won't say in which way.

Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not...

Oh, Jojo. I love you so so much. You've been a part of my life for so long, you've affected me in so many ways (yes, of course all of them positive :P) that it's impossible to tell what I (or my life, really) would have been like if I hadn't clung to your back like an octopus met you. Whenever you need me, if I'm dumb enough not to realize it myself (and let's face it, this is a concrete possibility) just give me a shout. I'll do every single thing I can to be right there. ...yeah, yeah, mushy (not to mention embarrassing) much, I know, but English and the internets are the only language and place I'd be able to say it, it's a chance I've got to take. ;D And c'mon, they say it's the gifts, but public embarrassment is what birthdays (and families) are really for.

*sigh* And not only I'm disgustingly late (...though I had something precede me ;P), I also show up with a tenth of the gift I'd wanted to do for you, and a lame tenth at that :( Well... of course, this way it's a little subtler than it would have been otherwise. A little. And as with most ideas, it sounded a lot cooler when it was just in my head. ...and the even more dismaying aspect of it all is thinking that, over the years, you've seen me do a lot worse. ;P It's almost weird to think about.

Bottom line, I LOVE YOU. A LOT. And whoever tries to make you sad and upset WILL PAY. ♥

And now I'd better go to sleep, tomorrow I'll have to get up at FIVE set down to make something else that is long overdue... Oh jeez. ^^;

Also, the little wheel on my mouse keeps rolling up and down on its own. This, surprisingly enough, does not really make it easy to write any kind of text.
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