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*laughs aloud in GLEE*

:D! Oh man, I was SO GLAD to see the news - way earlier today - but I can hardly say I was surprised by the result ;)

(Best Facebook status yet: McCain't. I heard someone mention it on the car radio as I was coming home tonight, and I couldn't help laughing out loud. ♥)

(Granted, I might have been the tiniest bit giddy about the whole thing. And a little dead tired too, I guess?)

The one thing I was REALLY worried about was California's referendum - but it sounds like it's not definitive? Eh? Eh? Say yes?

It's about time to start posting the livelongnmarry pics, I think... ;) I'd had in mind to start before the referendum itself, as something of a "good luck" thing, but. Haha. Nope, didn't happen.

[identity profile] gryffindor-j.livejournal.com 2008-11-05 09:30 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know about Prop 8, hopefully someone can give you the info. I am focused on a Senate race currently and it's hard to pull myself away.

OMG livelongandmarry pics! I don't know how you could make this day better but if you put those up sometime this could be the best week EVER!

[identity profile] brighty18.livejournal.com 2008-11-05 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I just talked to my mom who is a CA resident (76 years old and totally opposed to Prop 8!) and she said that, if it should pass it is DEFINITELY set to go all the way to the CA Supreme Court. Well, that's what her lawyer and judge friends say, anyway. There is a very good argument that that the whole referendum is unconstitutional, anyway.

And, Kasche, please post your pics!

[identity profile] reconditarmonia.livejournal.com 2008-11-05 10:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you for the link! I didn't know about the ACLU suit. But oh, California...I had so much hope for you...

(and of course, OBAMA!!)

[identity profile] ourmutualfiend.livejournal.com 2008-11-05 11:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Prop 8 is going to be very complicated. It's going to take a few years to untangle that mess.

If it passes, and I'm afraid it will (they are still counting votes) the next step is to find grounds on which it is unconstitutional- like laws to the rights of privacy or the full faith right, which means one state must honor the laws of another state. So we make an argument about it violating law x and it begins to move up the court chain- CA state supreme court (who were the ones who initially deemd the 2000 CA gay marriage ban unconstitutional and thus why people could marry for a few months this year) and then to appeals, most likely- all the way to the Supreme Court. Like I was telling Ni, hopefully, at that point a few years from now, we will have a different makeup to the US Supreme Court OR there will be legislation for civil unions- and in time the language of 'civil unions' might change to 'marriage'.

Progress is coming. There is no way to stop it now. But it's going to take some time.

[identity profile] reconditarmonia.livejournal.com 2008-11-06 12:13 am (UTC)(link)
Unfortunately the full-faith-and-credit provision is already violated by a law that's currently on the books, the DOMA. Which will probably get struck down if it ever comes to court, if there's any justice in th world, but right now it stands.

I'd argue that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment (which has been cited in sex discrimination cases) and under Loving v. Virginia. The decision specifically addresses arguments that the right to marry is not being restricted because whites can marry whites and blacks can marry blacks - it says that that's BS. Logically, the same should apply to sex.

[identity profile] ourmutualfiend.livejournal.com 2008-11-06 01:13 am (UTC)(link)
Going with full faith would probably be the improbably path, but apparently Scalia has said even he wasn't sure he could uphold DOMA on those grounds.

I hope that this is only the loss of a battle and not the war. I'm also hopeful that our generation is one that breaks down this wall, just as my mom's did for 50s/60s civil rights.

[identity profile] glass-icarus.livejournal.com 2008-11-06 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
i couldn't tell you for sure whether or not the results for prop 8 are definitive, but seeing that was a giant ouch this morning, let me tell you! still, after last night's election, i do believe that even if it passes, we'll get it fixed. maybe not now, maybe not soon, but definitely someday. &hearts yes we can.

[identity profile] mindabbles.livejournal.com 2008-11-06 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
For us in CA, it was a bittersweet night and morning. Some important referendums went the right way, others did not. And YAY for Obama. Prop 8 passed. It was hard for me today. Thank goodness I have a supportive work place and there were many tears shed together. BUT, the referendum in 2000 passed 60/30 and this one only passed 52/48. So, that is progress and it is not over.

[identity profile] penhaligonblue.livejournal.com 2008-11-06 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Prop. 8 is a tough loss, but I know many Americans are determined to fight back. Letter writing, court cases, a march on Washington - plans are already being made.

And Obama, Obama, OBAMA!!! I'm still euphoric. I've been working for so long to be able to see this, and even though I never allowed myself to think it wouldn't happen, the actual occurrence is breathtaking.

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-18 02:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I LOVE YOU. Seriously. <3333333333

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-18 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Awww, so PREEEETTY! <3333

And hahaha, that's not possible, by the way. ;D