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[Art] - First Night (part 1)

First off-- I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER. Omg, thank you SO MUCH for all the well wishes (and the beautiful moments *g*) you sent me yesterday! ♥♥♥ And THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on the last entry - I'd meant to answer them tonight, actually. What I said to myself was: keep on posting the stuff you're behind on first! There, now get around to finishing the [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry page you've had half done for aaaages, upload it, post it, and then get to the rest.

I finished uploading it now, and I still haven't been able to tweak things around in order to show the larger version still. *sigh* But I really want to get it out of the way, so:

Yeah, I've decided not to post the original pictures here, or on any other blog and suchlike. There are reasons - but honestly, my eyelids keep sliding down on their own right now. :P I'll either edit it tomorrow, or expand on the matter next time I post one of the LLNM drawings. ;) The postings will be periodical - twice a month at least, I think, possibly always on the same day, but I have to decide which yet. Depending on when I actually get a, well, chance to. ^^;

Incidentally, that's also - more or less - the look my website is going to have, once I go back to working on it again :P More or less, anyway. How does that look?

Good night! LOVE Y'ALL! <333333333

[identity profile] aunt-agatha.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
That is beautiful!!! You can just see the quiet anticipation on his face, and your Sirius is always like... just breathtaking.

Also, I'm so glad that you're back. &hearts

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 08:47 am (UTC)(link)
Darling! THANK you! <3

And aw. Aw. AWWWWW. You're so sweet, you know that? ♥

[identity profile] tailoredshirt.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 12:53 am (UTC)(link)
*gets excited* I think I owe you an email, don't I?

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
♥ Yep, I'm missing your prompts, ain't I? :D :D :D

[identity profile] tailoredshirt.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:00 am (UTC)(link)
I just sent you an email! ♥

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:22 am (UTC)(link)
Seen! ♥

[identity profile] aunt-agatha.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 01:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh crap, me too! *emails*

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
I just saw your email and I could only give it a glance, but... hadn't we talked about your prompts already? :o I remember you sending me reference pics about Pansy & car...?

[identity profile] aunt-agatha.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, that one I'd told you about. I'd forgotten to email you about anything else, though. Done! ;D

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Aaaaah right! Well, that's perfect then *g*

[identity profile] midnight-birth.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
Image (http://www.glitteryourway.com)

Myspace Layouts (http://www.dolliecrave.com)Image

Always a day late and always cheesy. :P But I hope you have an awesome one, and thank you so much for sharing all your lovely art-work!

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 08:46 am (UTC)(link)
...that's not cheesy, that's SWEET. <3 Thank you! :D :D :D

[identity profile] spacedye-vest.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 01:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Gorgeous drawing.

Shiny website.

Bruniful Monkey! Woohoo! *mwah*

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)

That shall be all. ♥

[identity profile] dungeons-master.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Why am I always lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm sorry, I missed your special day this year too >_<

Happy belated Birthday! *hugs*

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
CHICCAAAAAAA nun te preoccupĂ ! XD GRAZIE! <33333333

[identity profile] dungeons-master.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Mi preoccupo eccome -.- Mi perdo sempre qualcuno per strada >_<


Ok, per farmi perdonare ho deciso di... ecco... insomma... ordunque... *glom* dammi un prompt >_< Mi farò forza per il pairing >_

[identity profile] kasche.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)

*giggles* (...lo so che sto scrivendo in Ita, ma un verbo adatto non mi veniva in mente ;P "ridacchia" mi suona strano! *g*) Ti lascio libera, scegli quello che vuoi! ;D

...PURCHE' non sia una Snupin. :P

[identity profile] dungeons-master.livejournal.com 2009-01-20 10:17 pm (UTC)(link)
No, voglio un prompt, se no non mi vengono idee! E dato che sei tu lo sai che posso fare uno strappo alle mie ferre regole e scriverti QUEL pairing.... quindi spara **