ART for [ profile] dungeons_master!

Nov. 3rd, 2005 09:14 am
[personal profile] kasche
Gotta make this quick, in shortly more than half an hour I have a class. :(

You see, yesterday it was, er, *cough cough*, someone's birthday. :D And although their present was ready, I had no way of posting it until now. :( (Yesterday, to my bafflement, was holiday at uni. Like hell I'm complaining, but it still baffles me. I mean, on Monday I had classes - and how I had to rush to get to them, since there was the party to get ready! (Party went well, by the by. :D I really like the job we did we the place. Tried to take some photos, but evidently they were too dark, because my camera is refusing to let me see them. Er. *cough* anyway. Were we saying...?) geeeez, I missed you all, by the by. and I was only gone a very few days.)

PAPO! Happy birthday!!!

Title: Snape. (Creativity is my middle name.)
Rating: G. (as in: Guess?)
Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] dungeons_master!!!

...I had started off with a simple portrait, and I ended up experimenting a bit. *cough* I shouldn't do that when it's a gift. (Although to some lenghts I'm a little relieved about that. I was starting to have a severe case of art-block. ^^;) Now I can only hope it's not too bad. *cringes* And damn, but Snape is hard to draw. He's not a handsome man, and you have to keep in mind that, but now I hope he isn't inwatchable, if that's even a word. *headdesk*
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