First of all, happy belated birthday to [ profile] thistlerose (I'm one day late, I'm sorry, dahling!), and a happy (current) birthday to [ profile] nike_y! *g*

Allllllso, I think I'll start with the drawing-posting - for today, it's the ONE drawing I managed to submit these past holidays. (The one, possibly because it's the only submission that was made up of a single illustration. Apparently my subconscious has decided that if it's not at least 15 panels long, it's not worth submitting to a fest. O_o Sheesh, I don't even know.)

So, here it is - back to the dear ol Dark Tower fandom! *g*

Title: I'd have you see them very well
Rating: G
Fandom: The Dark Tower, book 7
Characters: Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Oy, Jake Chambers, Roland Deschain
Artist notes: and that's the group hug from the last book, and one of my absolute favorites. ;) I hope you like! Also... well, I would have added a quote, but I THINK that one might be a wee bit spoilery. (Also, my love for Eddie Dean is so sadly onesided. Jeez.)

Art: Together again + Wake
Rating: G
Fandom: The Dark Tower 7: The Dark Tower
Character: Jake Chambers, Susannah Dean, Eddie Dean, Roland Deschain
Notes: Watch out, spoilers for the last book in the comments! But you're probably safe (safe enough, anyway) if you just look at the pictures. ;P

ETA: Some of you may have heard about Fandom Superlatives? Because I have a feeling Roland could run for Character Who Has Suffered the Most. ;D



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