It's... done.


All fixed.


Also, I really want to thank you. I set the website counter back in October, and if it's been registering all the times you came to visit the sections that were active already - be it the Sketchbook (which needs to be refreshed), be it the A Saturday thingie.

Just... thank you.

For both following images - sorry for the not-optimal quality of the scanner, I didn't use mine. :/ And... yeah, celebratory images for the website, I might add. ;P

Title: Lovers
Characters: James Potter and Lily Evans
Rating: Oh, G. 'course.
Notes: entry for the "lovers" prompt at [ profile] fanart100. :D (I've also got an idea for the "enemies" one...)

[Harry Potter] - G - Lovers )

Title: Potion
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: G again.
Notes: [ profile] _lore, one of my [ profile] hpqfac pimps, asked expressely for a non-tragic Snape... and this is what I've come up with. :3

[Harry Potter] - G - Potion )

Title: Narcissa
Characters:, really. guess?
Rating: Still G.
Notes: ...and this was meant to be colored in CG, which is why it's so unrefined - but evidently enough it's not going to happen this month. *facepalm* Sorry...?

There, done it with a minimum delay. Whoops. Now excuse me, but I have another deadline to meet. Double-whoops.

Title: The Best Man
Rating: Back to the G-land. It didn't even have the time to miss me.
Characters: In order, James, Sirius, Lily.
Notes: This is meant to be an illustration for [ profile] rochefort's The Best Man. Sadly, I can't direct you to it, since the website of the fqf the story was written for is down, as is The Howl Kingdom. Damn.

Title: The Birthday Girl
Rating: Truly, madly, deeply G.
Characters: From left to right, Remus, Jamesy-pie and Lils. :D
Notes, part the first: Last 26 December was someone's birthday. :D Now that they've received their gift, I can post it. ;) Happy Birthday, Zoe! :D

I am the very definition of SUCKING FUCKING LATE.

You know, as if last Saturday wasn't the birthday of one of the best persons I've ever met.


(I really hate this not-having-internet-in-the-weekends.)

(Amongst other things.)

Because, you see, unless you already figured it out - and I did leave a few heavy hints - it turns out last Saturday was the birthday of someone who comes very, very close to being the best friend one could hope for. (And I'm appallingly late. Shit.) The kind of person you talk with for not even a week and already feel like you've known your whole life. (And I'm raping the English language, too.) The kind of person you end up opening completely up to without even realizing it, no matter how long it can take you with anyone, and you never, ever come to regret it. And, you know, as if that wasn't enough, she's also smart, funny, beautiful, clever, sweet, incredibly caring, very very inspiring (Oona and I both can testimony to it :P), and...

Well, she's Ni. She's special. :D

I mean, we're building a temple to her. (Complete with a statue.) Should I add more? :P

Title: A Saturday
Rating: ...don't make me say it.
Characters: Practically everyone. The puppies, Prongs, Lily, even Peter.
Notes: ...follow the olives.

(Also, if you have the Monotype Corsiva FlairRoman font it looks prettier.)

(Oh, and let the cursor hover over the images. :P)

( [Harry Potter] - PG (?) - A Saturday )
Been singing to myself Father and son the whole damn morning, so let's try to divert my attention posting things around. Like this, for instance.

Title: Touch
Rating: ...ha. Maybe PG? There is some nudity, but it's only just hinted at...
Characters: James and Lily.
Notes: When I started drawing it, I was thinking of posting it to [ profile] fanart100, for the prompt Touch. ...but then I changed idea. ;P

Happy birthday, [ profile] ourmutualfiend!

Title: ... doh. (NO, 'doh' isn't the title of the picture. I just, er, didn't think to think of it.)
Fandom: Is anyone still checking this at all?
Rating: G. Yeah. At least, I think... PG really seems too much.
Notes: For the wonderiferous Oona, because today it's her birthday. You may have got that part already. :P



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