Wait. We WON? O_O

Er. What does it say about me as a team-member that I wasn't expecting that at all? :P But CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE PLAYERS! We all worked pretty hard, whichever the team, and we all deserve it! :D

(And my face does not resemble Lisa's icon. Nope, not at all. *g* As they, you're all young once, but can stay immature forever... ;D)

(Which reminds me that I REALLY need to see that movie. Ni showed me some YT clips a while ago and I was so laughing my head off.)

Because really - yup, that was two brackets ago - this fest was so much work. Seriously. I am considering just sticking to regular exchanges after this. ;P Not that it wasn't fun, because it actually was, but... let's just say that I've drawn more in the months since I started working on these than I have in the past couple years. ;)

...of course, in the past couple years drawing had gone a little on the downside, but that's not the point. Er.

Also, weirdly enough, this time I've got something of a commentary at the bottom. It's just this once, though - I don't really see this becoming an habit of any kind. And it's really almost all about Gorecki. I don't know, it's my first time doing something like that, and-- I'll continue below. ;P


Rating: PG
Warnings: Boykiss!
Summary: Remus comes home after a long day at work.
Genre: Fluff/Romance

What do you mean, not me?

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: NWS. Naked butt!
Summary: Because even reading the newspaper can give ideas.
Genre: Humor/Crack

Rating: G
Summary: November 1981.
Genre: Angst

(Last I checked, there was some problem with the [livejournal.com profile] rs_games website - so, in case the original pages are still down, it might be worth mentioning that I have a backup art archive on kasche. There might not be much more, but these ARE on there. :P)

Title: Angels in England
Characters: Sirius and Remus. OH MY.
Rating: PG, possibly, but mostly for naked chests (and kneecaps :P), but nothing really sexual.
Notes: A BIG BIG HAPPY (if slightly belated) BIRTHDAY TO [livejournal.com profile] remeciel AND [livejournal.com profile] zoesmith!

Title: Loving like a landslide
Characters: For a change, it's Sirius and Remus. ;D
Rating: G
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] spacedye_vest! The Ni Project! Check it out! Seriously brilliant stuff from seriously brilliant people!


(A slightly belated one, though. Figure if I can be on time something like twice in a row. Bah.)

Title: Mirror in the bathroom
Rating: G, going into PG? No nude, though. Alas.
Characters: Sirius, Sirius, Sirius, Sirius and Remus. Just how gobsmacked are you?
Warnings: Some boy!touching, nothing more. And it's not even there yet.
Notes: I LOVE YOU K. That shall be all. Also, I think you can guess what this piece goes with. As for the title, I basically let the shuffle option on my mp3 player decide it for me. And we've been lucky, it could have been Rumba de 5 kilos instead. It came right after that.

And no DH around, so you're safe.


Coming next on these screens: The Big Farewell Thing is definitely planned for the end of the summer. (Yeah, I'm giving myself an extra month, okay, okay. ;) You'll understand, I swear.) I actually have the exact date picked out, but I'm not telling you, alas. Hopefully, I'll finish a smaller project before then, while shortly after another Big Thing will see the light. And then I'll probably die, but nevermind. Everything else has got to be on hold, I'm afraid - I couldn't and wouldn't miss K's birthday for anything in the world, but for the rest, I just can't make it. :(

(If I actually die by too much slash, you can bet I'm going to come back as a ghost and hunt all your dreams. Just guess what I'd make you see?)


Pimping time: the lovely Christy of the Unknowable Room.org staff is hosting some of my art on their wiki project. The plan would be to use it as illustrations in some of the pages there - she mentioned Lily, the Marauders, Remus/Sirius - and they might be up in the next couple of days. Isn't that absolutely SWEET? (I'm not checking around the site itself once I've read DH, though. Which I haven't got yet. Whoops!)

And, for the record, if you wanted to become an editor there, I don't think they'd exactly mind. You know. Wink wink nudge nudge.
Title: Wake Up Boo
Character(s): Remus and Sirius
Rating: maaaaybe PG - for slash undertones? I mean, it's half-naked boys cuddling. It's hardly outrageous.
Notes: If the title sounds familiar... well, it's because I've used it already before. ;) Remake of a picture I drew a couple years ago, named after the Boo Radleys song. Drawn for Sectus. :)

[Harry Potter] - (P)G - Wake Up Boo )

Fanart 50
Prompt n°22: Good Morning

back to
table of prompts
Title: Moon River
Characters: Remus and Sirius.
Rating: PG? For ltame kissing?
Notes: A very very VERY happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lillithium! :D I am so in awe of you, you have no idea. I am feeling pretty nervous about this, as a matter of fact - but I hope you'll like it, and that it will make you smile. :)

(Also, title from the cover of the song by John Barrowman - someone made me listen to it, and I was suddenly bit by this particular bunny. ;) )

Title: Young Men and Their Gangly Limbs
Characters: Remus, Sirius, Lily, and A Cake.
Rating: G. Mostly. PG for some half-naked boys? And a almost kiss? Which is apparently the only kind I can draw?
Notes: This is for [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon and [livejournal.com profile] spacedye_vest, who are hands down two of my favorite persons in the whole wide world. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Incidentally, they're also illustrations for Young Men and Their Gangly Limbs. ...the pics, not Cate and Ni. (Ha, ha, ha. Oh god, make me shut up.)

Told you I'd do something more for [livejournal.com profile] wellymuck...

Title: Out The Window
Characters: Sirius and Remus
Rating: G, methinks.
Prompt: Day 2
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] nassima! I miss you, doll. I don't know if you're lurking or if you're completely offline, but at any rate, you'll be getting this in the mail not too long in the future, I bet. ;)

Title: Oh Jeez
Fandom: Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor series
Characters: G-man and Rickey
Rating: Still G.
Notes: And this is for the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] jadis31, part of the thank-you for the wonderful gift she sente me - whoops, quite a while ago, by now. My way of saying "Oh hell, I fucking loved it".

So, yesterday it was five years that the Jojo (also known as the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] jadis31) officially entered the fandom? And we're going to damn well celebrate. :D


Well, kind of. This was supposed to turn out better. It was ALSO supposed to be posted sooner, but it looks like during the day the connection just doesn't want to work.

Title: Leave me (be)
Characters: Sirius and Remus. Haven't done just the two of them in a while...
Rating: Pg? For Nakedness in Bed, Hinted At?
Notes: Well... I said it up there, didn't I. :P

Title: Broken
Characters: James Potter
Rating: G
Notes: Some of you might remember this - quite a long time ago, I did a picture for the "broken" prompt, for [livejournal.com profile] fanart100. I've been going through old stuff for the website I'm putting up, looking what was viewable and what could use a fix. The old pic could use a fix.

I ended up redoing it entirely.

I am me.

Title: Back Alley
Characters: Remus and Sirius.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Did it for the [livejournal.com profile] rs_small_gifts exchange, using "Rain Dogs" by Tom Waits as a prompt. Er. Might not be very WORKSAFE - though nothing much is going on. Yet.

Art dump!

Sep. 23rd, 2006 09:51 pm
Title: Sunrise
Characters: Left to right, Peter, Remus, Sirius and James. Yep, the Marauders. :)
Rating: G
Notes: For the birthday of the wonderiferous [livejournal.com profile] nassima! How I adore that woman you have no idea. :D Sorry I couldn't do anything better, sweets. :( It's just... if I keep procrastinating I'm afraid I'll get things done in ten years at best, and I wanted to have something ready on the day, at least for once.

Title: In the whites
Characters: Sirius!
Rating: *sigh*
Notes: For the Cate! :D Oh, this is a month old at best, methinks. Point the first: I have no merit on the body, I practically copied it off a photo. :P I had no idea what a cricket player wore, so I took a look around... and found a perfect one. :D As for point the second, also known as "what the hell is this about?" - I shall have to point to this entry. Reading the first point should suffice.

In other words: for the first time I've drawn fanart for a fanfiction that doesn't exist yet. ;D

Title: Be Good and Keep The Faith
Fandom: Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor series! :D
Characters: Oh, a certain G-man... *whistles*
Rating: G (c'mon, I can't change both fandom AND rating. I might make you go into a seizure.)
Notes: Quite some time ago, I came home a bit late and decided to read something before going to sleep. The book I was reading at the time was downstairs, The Value of X had just come home (*g*), so I thought, "well, I might read the first pages."

I stayed up until 5:00 am to finish it.

When I reached the last page (by pure force of will, three quarters of my body were asleep already) (reading in bed will do that to you...), read the last words... I had this sudden, crystal clear image of Gary waiting for Rickey at the airport, a smitten, happy smile on his face. And I realized I had to draw it. (Although my mind, at that, added firmly "NOT RIGHT NOW".)


Title: Stargazing
Characters: The Marauders! Left to right, anti-clockwise, Sirius, Remus, James and Peter.
Rating: HAHAHAHA G, of course.
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] aneli8 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh, I'm so sorry! (a) I should have given it to you eons ago, and (b) this is probably the last fandom you might be interested in, right now. I just hadn't got the slightest idea of what I could have done in dS. >.< Not to mention that I classily gave myself away, the other day. And it's not like I hadn't more than started it already! I don't have to talk on birthdays, I can't keep my mouth shut. :P

I am... so so SO behind with stuff. ^^; For the moment, let's post the things I have, at least. More to come.

Title: Maneater
Characters: Sirius Black.
Rating: ...PG for suggestiveness? I should hire someone to rate things for me. ^^;
Notes: And this is: in primis, the second of the wonderiferous [livejournal.com profile] wild_boys's bday gift; in secundis, the companion pic of Summer Job. :D If it's not that clear, which wouldn't surprise me, just read here. :D

As for the title, there is one song that started playing on repeat in my head, while I was drawing. It felt kind of fitting (:P) - plus the fact that the song talks about a woman cracks me up. Yeah, for real. I know. (By the by, is it just me, or that's quite the Mary Sue song?)

Title: Summer Job
Character(s): Remus Lupahn.
Rating: G, I would think. Unless parental guide is needed to see a boy's naked chest...?
Notes: Happy birthday (again) [livejournal.com profile] ourmutualfiend! :D :D :D The idea for this came from a certain postcard you sent me, about a year ago. From a certain happy place. About a certain something (someone) you and Lana had seen.


And when I think of sloppy french boys... ;D

And this is me trying to fight a bad case of drawing block. Sorry for the delay!

Title: What do we need any god for
Character(s): Remus and Sirius. In order.
Rating: PG. 13, maybe. I suck at rating.
Notes: Challenge time at [livejournal.com profile] shacking_up! My recipient is [livejournal.com profile] rosemaryandrue, and her request was...

Title: He's gone!
Character(s): Left to right, Padfoot, Remus and (for the first time on the this screen) baby Harry!
Rating: Oh, I don't know why I even bother. G, of course.
Notes: For The Ni! Honestly, I owe so much to her. One hell of a lot. I'll have to remember to ask her how she manages not to throttle me, with all the times (and believe me, they're many) that I go whining to her. :D She's supported so many times, and in so many ways. Really, it's rather hard to believe that it's barely a couple of years that we're friends. :D

As for the pic itself... a little background first.

Remus and Sirius are babysitting Harry.

Sirius thought that turning into Padfoot might amuse the boy.

NOW, go and look.

There, done it with a minimum delay. Whoops. Now excuse me, but I have another deadline to meet. Double-whoops.

Title: The Best Man
Rating: Back to the G-land. It didn't even have the time to miss me.
Characters: In order, James, Sirius, Lily.
Notes: This is meant to be an illustration for [livejournal.com profile] rochefort's The Best Man. Sadly, I can't direct you to it, since the website of the fqf the story was written for is down, as is The Howl Kingdom. Damn.

Title: Scenes From A Memory
Rating: ...PG for (some) nudity, and therefore not really worksafe, but otoh not much action either. Yet.
Characters: Mr Sirius Black, Esq.
Notes, part the first: MINX HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Notes, part the second: This is a fanfic illustration; but you won't find this scene in any of our adored Minx's stories.

Anyone who has read her wonderful Train in Vain (first story of hers I've ever read, by the by) will probably know what I mean. :D

Well, let me wish you all the best for every day of these holidays. :) I'm really sorry I have to make this quick; I'm really sorry I didn't post before, actually, but it seems like the new name for Insanity is Good Holiday Cheer.

I really really love you. :D



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