Does that represent my dismay well enough? Because, well, YOU KNOW. I did kind of disappear from the face of the Earth. And I'm not making promises for the future either - I'm behind on so many drawings that it's not even funny, and I have no idea when to catch up on those. *sighs and scratches head* I guess it's about time I get over myself and start drawing when I'm train-commuting?


Yeah, right. I'd have more hope giving up sleep instead. ANYWAY. I'm not even getting into the matter of how many comments I haven't answered yet - OMG SORRY - and I'm not just talking about the ones here on my journal... since, a-hem, my Snarry Games entry got posted. Omg, I got so many more comments on that one that I ever expected to get. O_o

But before we get on the submission proper, I guess I should mention that I did the interview too? I...don't think I posted it, did I. Whoops.

(I'm not going to apologize here, not really - you lot should all know better, seriously. ;P)

As for the submission:

Title: Leviathan, Bound
Team: Dragon
Genre: Romance
Prompts: No Way Out, Moment of Truth
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG13 For male kisses, mostly. Fairly tame otherwise.
Media used: Pencil

I WILL ANSWER COMMENTS, I SWEAR I SWEAR I SWEAR! :o But in the meantime - omg. What I got warmed my heart so much, you have no idea. ♥

(Oh - yeah, title comes from the Shearwater song. It's what inspired it in the first place. :D )

Ah, I was forgetting! I'm setting up (i.e.: I started, dunno if I'll ever finish) some kind of "backup art archive", on IJ. I'm placing it on kasche, and I'm stuffing there the stuff I've been doing - including the [livejournal.com profile] rs_games entries. I should probably have mentioned that before, since the games website has been out of commission for a while, but... er, it kinda bypassed my brain entirely. Whoops. ^^;

This is VERY much of a sketch. You're warned!


Title: Backstage
Characters: Remus and Snape. And... stuff.
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for [livejournal.com profile] snegurochka_lee's Least Favourite Character/Pairing Drabble/Drawble & Ficlet Challenge! Omg Lee, ONLY FOR YOU would I do this. Try this. Attempt this. Oh well... I apologize in advance!

Title: The Spy Game
Characters: Severus Snape. A small one.
Rating: G
Notes: And happy birthday to my darling [livejournal.com profile] dungeons_master!

It's... done.


All fixed.


Also, I really want to thank you. I set the website counter back in October, and if it's been registering all the times you came to visit the sections that were active already - be it the Sketchbook (which needs to be refreshed), be it the A Saturday thingie.

Just... thank you.

For both following images - sorry for the not-optimal quality of the scanner, I didn't use mine. :/ And... yeah, celebratory images for the website, I might add. ;P

Title: Lovers
Characters: James Potter and Lily Evans
Rating: Oh, G. 'course.
Notes: entry for the "lovers" prompt at [livejournal.com profile] fanart100. :D (I've also got an idea for the "enemies" one...)

[Harry Potter] - G - Lovers )

Title: Potion
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: G again.
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] _lore, one of my [livejournal.com profile] hpqfac pimps, asked expressely for a non-tragic Snape... and this is what I've come up with. :3

[Harry Potter] - G - Potion )

Title: Narcissa
Characters: ...no, really. guess?
Rating: Still G.
Notes: ...and this was meant to be colored in CG, which is why it's so unrefined - but evidently enough it's not going to happen this month. *facepalm* Sorry...?

Title: Light
Character(s): Snapey-snapey, and James.
Rating: Oh HA HA HA G, of course.
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] dungeons_master!!! Happy (belated) birthday, m'dearest! I was uncertain about what I could do for you, and... I decided to venture in the "flair and drama" land, madly hoping you won't mind. ^^; Also considering how NOT used I am, to that land. :P

Well... yes, by "light" here I mean the classical "lighbub moment". 'Tis the Shack night - I wanted to get the right moment when Snape understood what was going on (and, in the specific case, what he was seeing), before fear or disgust could kick in. Turned out not to be exactly easy. ^^; Don't really know how successfull I have been, either.
Gotta make this quick, in shortly more than half an hour I have a class. :(

You see, yesterday it was, er, *cough cough*, someone's birthday. :D And although their present was ready, I had no way of posting it until now. :( (Yesterday, to my bafflement, was holiday at uni. Like hell I'm complaining, but it still baffles me. I mean, on Monday I had classes - and how I had to rush to get to them, since there was the party to get ready! (Party went well, by the by. :D I really like the job we did we the place. Tried to take some photos, but evidently they were too dark, because my camera is refusing to let me see them. Er. *cough* anyway. Were we saying...?) geeeez, I missed you all, by the by. and I was only gone a very few days.)

PAPO! Happy birthday!!!

Title: Snape. (Creativity is my middle name.)
Rating: G. (as in: Guess?)
Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] dungeons_master!!!

I know I shouldn't make plans, because there's always something happening that prevents me from going through with them. And while most of the times the 'something' is me, this time it wasn't. I've been physically unable to get near enough to a pc so to post it sooner, and I'm so sorry for that, but I hope my mental "Happy Birthday!" wishes reached you, Lige. :) So, let's all pretend it is still last Sunday, and let's say all together...

Happy Birthday, gothikmaus! )

And now I'm running off again. Bu-bye!



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