[livejournal.com profile] wild_boys! Sweetheart! Darling! Honeychild! Happy birthday! ♥♥♥

I hope you had the most beautiful, spectacular, just damn fine day. Aw, I miss you way too much, you know? And yeah, I did have a drawing I'd done for you - except that the scanner refuses to cooperate with my computer. Like. At all. But I am choosing not to let myself worry too much over the fact for the moment - and, alas, I find myself having to post something that - while being as of yet undisclosed, so I guess that might count for something - was not really targeted for you. *LONGFACE*

I'll replace/add the right one once I get the scanner working, though. :o


(A slightly belated one, though. Figure if I can be on time something like twice in a row. Bah.)

Title: Mirror in the bathroom
Rating: G, going into PG? No nude, though. Alas.
Characters: Sirius, Sirius, Sirius, Sirius and Remus. Just how gobsmacked are you?
Warnings: Some boy!touching, nothing more. And it's not even there yet.
Notes: I LOVE YOU K. That shall be all. Also, I think you can guess what this piece goes with. As for the title, I basically let the shuffle option on my mp3 player decide it for me. And we've been lucky, it could have been Rumba de 5 kilos instead. It came right after that.

And no DH around, so you're safe.


Coming next on these screens: The Big Farewell Thing is definitely planned for the end of the summer. (Yeah, I'm giving myself an extra month, okay, okay. ;) You'll understand, I swear.) I actually have the exact date picked out, but I'm not telling you, alas. Hopefully, I'll finish a smaller project before then, while shortly after another Big Thing will see the light. And then I'll probably die, but nevermind. Everything else has got to be on hold, I'm afraid - I couldn't and wouldn't miss K's birthday for anything in the world, but for the rest, I just can't make it. :(

(If I actually die by too much slash, you can bet I'm going to come back as a ghost and hunt all your dreams. Just guess what I'd make you see?)


Pimping time: the lovely Christy of the Unknowable Room.org staff is hosting some of my art on their wiki project. The plan would be to use it as illustrations in some of the pages there - she mentioned Lily, the Marauders, Remus/Sirius - and they might be up in the next couple of days. Isn't that absolutely SWEET? (I'm not checking around the site itself once I've read DH, though. Which I haven't got yet. Whoops!)

And, for the record, if you wanted to become an editor there, I don't think they'd exactly mind. You know. Wink wink nudge nudge.
I am... so so SO behind with stuff. ^^; For the moment, let's post the things I have, at least. More to come.

Title: Maneater
Characters: Sirius Black.
Rating: ...PG for suggestiveness? I should hire someone to rate things for me. ^^;
Notes: And this is: in primis, the second of the wonderiferous [livejournal.com profile] wild_boys's bday gift; in secundis, the companion pic of Summer Job. :D If it's not that clear, which wouldn't surprise me, just read here. :D

As for the title, there is one song that started playing on repeat in my head, while I was drawing. It felt kind of fitting (:P) - plus the fact that the song talks about a woman cracks me up. Yeah, for real. I know. (By the by, is it just me, or that's quite the Mary Sue song?)

Title: Getting Priscilla (I suck at titles, but we already knew that.)
Characters: ...I'm sorry, but I can't write this. Not now, and not until the recipient sees it.
Rating: Hah! How would you rate absolute insanity? No "bits" showing, though. Er.
Notes: Because you know, today is the birthday of one of my very favorite persons. Like ever. Who probably doen't deserve to have this inflicted on her. ^^;

I hope you'll still want to be my friend after this... ;P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] wild_boys!

(No preview. Oh yes, TOTAL SURPRISE. Aren't you frightened glad.)

... - G (hahaha) - Getting Priscilla )
What? You don't?

The first who says it's Harry Potter's bday gets a slap under the head.

Oh, please! It's our Lady K's day today, and you better go wish her happy everything. Like, now. :D

Title: "Moony - you know your furry little problem?"
Fandom: All right, you found me out, but there's no real need to be checking this. Honestly.
Rating: Say a letter. (Hint: 7th letter in the alphabet.)
Notes: Since it's a K BIRTHDAY TODAY, we have to celebrate. :D
*scratches head* So. I don't know, should I rate this as a HBP spoiler? The spoiler is just in the title, though, and it's so tiny... therefore, you have spoiled yourself already. :P If this even counts as a spoiler.

Heelloooo, there.

It has really cooled down, lately. It's still warm enough to say "hey, summer!", but we're not sweltering anymore. And since a fresh Bruni is a happy Bruni, and a happy Bruni is a has more chances to be a productive Bruni, you all get happy Marauders.

Don't make those faces, now. It's not as bad as it sounds. (And my productive streaks never last too long, so you have nothing to worry about there, too.)

(And you're not allowed to tell me that Remus' smile looks like a grimace. Even if it may very well be true.)

Title: and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me
Fandom: Note to self: next time, just evict this line.
Rating: Back to G-land. I daresay it barely had the time to miss my absence.
Notes: Because when Ni and Stumble and Fall get together, try what you might, but nothing in the world can stop them. Beware the Draftbunny Duo. (Read: "Idea born during a chat with Ni, while we were talking about the song etc. etc. etc." Oh, and if (if) you'll like this, the one you have to thank is her.)
Notes 2, because I'm daft. I left out the most important part. This is dedicated to one [livejournal.com profile] spacedye_vest and one [livejournal.com profile] wild_boys, two of my favorite persons here, because they're them. As simple as that. A sort of "I hope things will get GOOD real soon." :D

ETA: I rescanned the pic, so now the background is an actual white... but I didn't touch it otherwise. So, any mistake stayed exactly that way. *sigh*



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