So it was a pretty (physically) tiring couple of days, followed by a bad night (monthly pains, I'm sure you can relate), followed then by the greatest morning ever. Because yes, chatting with both Ni and the Jojo is that brilliant.

There was really no better way to have brought home just how badly I've missed the two of them. :D

Okay, end of the uninteresting entry.

And [ profile] cherry_beks wrote a short drabble for my Sun postcard! Awwwww! It's here!


Jan. 1st, 2007 09:15 pm
Chronicle of the 31st of December, in painstakingly boring detail. )

Woah. This is getting to be one long entry. I couldn't get online all last week, so I had no chance to thank a few people - like [ profile] __hibiscus, who sent me a wonderful card (Hermione's hair is just gorgeous! :D), [ profile] remeciel, whose puppies were just so sweet, [ profile] jadis31, WHO SENT ME THE GREATEST CARD EVER, I spent a whole hour (not joking) laughing because of, and [ profile] ourmutualfiend.

Oh, [ profile] ourmutualfiend.

I... have no words. Really. It was-- it was just-- I BLOODY ADORE YOU, WOMAN.

Aaaaaand a surprise! Well, now, "a surprise". Just something I did. I actually have the sketchbook up, amazingly enough.

Bruni's Sketchbook

Anyway - I really feel like I should thank you a lot of you. Individually. Because, really, there's so many persons I met here that I just love, and I'm so glad I actually do know you, but... yeah. Not very good at it. (the "thanking people who deserve it" thing, I mean.) So, just...

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Oh. I feel so worn out, you know?

Well well well - taking a look at my friends' page, turns out that today (or yesterday, 'm not so sure) is (was?) beta appreciation day.

Or some such.

Okay, so I don't write, but I think there's someone here that should get a special mention.

Because you really have no idea how much I owe [ profile] spacedye_vest. :D

I'm not joking and I'm not exagerating, without her there's so much stuff that wouldn't have seen the light. :) (...which, okay, sometimes has not being exactly for the best. Er.) She prods, suggests, supports, hints at, makes me think of stuff I never would have thought before. I'm so, so thankful and grateful for all the help she's given me, even if I'm not the best person on earth at expressing it.

Just... thank you, Ni. Thank you so much. :D

P.S.: G-man. Oh, G-man.

P.P.S.: And Rickey! Oh, Rickey!
There will be two main points here.

Point (a):


She know why, I trust. :D

Point (b):
(mostly copy and paste through and through here, you're warned.)

I've just finished Ancien malade des hôpitaux de Paris, something like a couple of hours after having found out about its existence, also probably something like a few days before you'll actually see this posted (ETA: It was the 16th. Yeah, I know.), and--

I'm finding again what I love in Pennac: a narration that takes a pleasure void of any shame from the joys of language and thought, that loves to smile but doesn't feel the pounding need to laugh, that alternates identification and sneers. A text where often mouth and stomach are laughing, but the mind is at work, where you laugh because you've tripped: then, evrything turns all right again (or so it seems), but your foot still hurts a little.

(Quoted from an article written by Giorgio Gallione, right at the end of the book.)

(And didn't my translation suck, by the by.)

And since it's also a Pennac post, you get a Pennac quote. )
Aaaaall-right-- I thought today I would have more time than what I actually do.

So, music it is.

And, [ profile] spacedye_vest: I love you! Bwahahahaha... :D

But, as I said, music. )

Sloganized, because I couldn't resist:

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ETA: Oh my god, NI! The card! The card! I ADORE IT! :D :D :D
I forgot to tell you something last week!

So, I and a couple friends were talking about nicknames. One of mine came up - Montalcino, in the particular case. A friend said, "well, at least they don't call you 'Consorzio del Gallo Nero'." Blank stare on my part. The time it took me to translate it in English, and I was thinking of you two and bursting out loud. The people I was with weren't all that surprised, but I forced myself to stop before they asked me why Consortium of the Black Cock was making me laugh so much. :D



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