I want to play basketball.

I've just seen the basketball finals, and it was one of the most beautiful matches I've ever seen. I just. I'm still galvanized BEYOND BELIEF. And I really want to play sports again - I haven't done anything since high school, and I guess I kind of miss it. I'm not really much of a sportsy person in general, though, and I'm not talking professional - haha, god no* - but as I was watching our volleyball matches, these days past, I felt the strong hitch to touch ball again and oh good grief that phrase didn't come out right at all. Anyway. Swimming or volleyball would likely be the obvious choices, since I know them best (dude, I've played volleyball on and off for years) and like them fine, but I kinda want to do something new. Like basketball, say. ;D

...except that I couldn't be more out of shape if I tried, so I'd better do some gym (hahaha, that worked out SO WELL last winter), or some swimming beforehand - oh WHO AM I KIDDING, I'll talk and talk and not do anything in the end. Still, it'd be nice.

It was VERY VERY SAD not being able to watch my own basketball national team playing, though :( But I guess not eating my liver out with every (and I do mean every) match was nice.

I guess.


(The really bad thing about our team is that we tend to adapt too much to our opponents. :( If we're playing against a great teams we're capable of doing brilliant things, but if the adversaries are mediocre then the match is mediocre. D: Either way, we always end up losing or winning by a handful of points, and let me tell you that's not good for the health.)

(I love my boys anyway, though. ♥)

P.S.: totally unrelated, but I've just seen on my flist a link to a post with icons from Jane Austen's History of England. Man do I love that woman. :D

*The only time I came close was in elementary school. The instructor in the swimming pool I used to go to wanted me to do competitions. I couldn't say no fast enough, or enough times. :P At the time I was dead sure that (a) I wouldn't have won - meaning I would have come up not second but last, or second to last at best - and (b) that they asked it of anyone who took their courses long enough, so there was no particular meaning to the request. ...er, turns out? It didn't actually work that way. Whoops.
I'm watching Italy vs Lithuania*, it's the beginning of the last quarter, it's 65 66 to 61 64 (not for us), if we lose this one we're out, I can't seem to remember where I last placed my liver, and is anyone else suffering the way I am?

Just wondering.


(...by the by, is it possible that I don't have a basketball tag?)

*_ European Championship of Basketball. Yeah. Sometimes I forget y'all don't live in my head. Fancy that. Also, 67 to 68! Still not for us.

ETA: 3:22 to the end, 72 to 75. PLEASE WISH US LUCK, WOULD YOU.

ETA2: It's over, we lost - and as soon as I've edited this I'm going to run for the loo like you wouldn't believe (talking about things you didn't really need to know) but HEY! I was wrong! We're not out yet! We're still in!
Okay. This defeat hurt.

Bloody fucking hell.
*pheww* And we won this one too (in the last bloody second, and I'm not exaggerating).

No, really, if it was a doubt before, now it isn't anymore. We automatically

The most remarkable thing was Rocca and Santiago having a quickie on the border of the field. :D
So we lost.

But losing like this... doesn't really hurt, you know? I'm still proud of what they've been able to do. :D

(I want to hug Belinelli close close close to my chest!)
My heartbeat sounds more like a drumroll. :D

(My main hope is that we'll keep Usa at least under 100. ^^;)

(But I'm a forgiving lover, I'll still love my many husbands. ;D)
It... wasn't really a pretty pretty match. We've taken a stroll in the park for the first... 20? 25 minutes?

But we've played like we can for the next ten, and it was a beauty to see. (For me! ;P)

64 to 56.

And it's for us. :D

Not to mention that we're mathematically in Tokio by now, and that if I could I would marry every single one player. Every single one. With maybe a preference for Basile. (And Mancinelli. And Soragna. Awwww, so sad there isn't Bulleri this year. The human teddy bear!)
Oh, nothing too exciting, really. It's just that after a week of work we're finally through with cleaning the attic.

Which, I'd like to point out, hadn't been done for 15 years at the very least.

(The garbage men made the sign of the cross every time they neared the rubbish skip.)

The stuff we've thrown away! And the stuff we've found, too. The very definition of 'trip down memory lane', which in my case meant three whole boxes (THREE WHOLE BOXES) of Mickey Mouse magazines, my old paintings, books and absurd notebooks, my toys... man. :D

(I think I may have taken the longest showers of my life.)

And now (yes, I've completely changed subject) there's the third match! This year it all started far better than what I feared. Oh, Italy at the top of the Girone D mini-chart is so very pretty. :D Apart from the little problem that I'm currently minus heart, stomach and liver, so I hope that we will win? And a  little more smoothly? (SHIT! I'm watching the match as I write.)

(In fact, I'm afraid I'll be forced to end it here. I can't follow both.)

(Bye bye! And wish us good luck!)

P.S.: Sorry if I'm awful at lj-life right now! Having dsl on nights and weekends sounded pretty reasonable. Turns out 'night' means 'from 11pm to 6am'.


Okay, sorry for the spam.

(I was trying to find a photo of Basile - the man is a CHAMPION, that's what he is - not to mention married and father of at the very least two kids - but I couldn't find a single suitable one.)

(Also, would anyone have a spare heart/liver lying about? Because I think I lost mine. Or ate them, I'm not too sure.)
Watching Italy's first match of the World Championship of Basket.



Aug. 2nd, 2006 12:50 pm

Also, I owe emails and comments. Had meant to remedy now, but eyes keep getting crossed, so maybe not really right in this exact moment.



Sep. 21st, 2005 11:43 am

So, we're out. Croatia beat us. Maybe, if we hadn't failed 3p-throws in a row, during the last quarter, things could have been gone differently, but I'm not going to recriminate.

You see, the match has been GOOD. Adrenaline run high during the whole length of it. At the end of the first half Croatia had started flying away, but we caught up, until we were just one point under. Then, the string of mistakes I mentioned before. But when I had honestly stopped hoping, there they are, still trying, until you just have to start hoping again, 3 minutes from the end, because how can you not when you see Pozzecco run, mark, throw like that? The final 3 minutes lasted much longer than that, the guys sought out every chance to stop the chronometer, took every risk they could, but they just couldn't get the ball to go in. They've fought until the last bloody second. It wasn't their day, Croatia was too much for them, I don't know. The end is history, but I can't say I got up from the couch feeling too disappointed. I've shouted, I've cursed, I've tore at my hair, I've cried (as in "shouted") in joy (even if we were still ten points under. Even then.) The team proved to have heart and courage, as the commentator said more than once, and I agree with him. I'm only sorry that in the end we didn't win, although Croatia's success was deserved; that we got stuck when we shouldn't have; that when we start making mistakes we just can't stop, and we feel obligated to show the entire inventory; and that I didn't record the match. :P

Hence, the sketch. Done this morning in an hour and something, so I'm sorry if it's not terribly refined. (Took a few liberties here and there, like the basket ball which is the new one, and the second player that I left out, but I really didn't have time for him too. :P) Oh, and that's Basile. The link to the reference is under the picture.

Now, I've only left hoping that we'll get the wild card to enter next year's mondials in Japan, and that they won't stop transmitting the matches. :)

♪: Soul on Fire
Yeah. Me, too. Joy.

The Infamous Twenty-Things-About-Me meme. )

If you're seeing this and haven't done, chances are I'd like to read it. So, you're tagged, if you want. :P
Sooo, soooo, sooooooo.

Wait. Scratch that.

Sooo, soooo, sooooooo.

Well, let me rejoice a bit, at least after Saturday's match. (God, was that awful.) (Gigli and Mancinelli are my age. Finding out that felt so strange.)

Such a good match yesterday! I love Calabria (And Bulleri.) like few other things. Those 3P throws. Oh, my. Oh mymymy. And tomorrow there's the match against Croatia.

Oh, and by the by, last Wednesday I got a new obsession. Really, he's the kind of snarky old bastard I can see myself either marrying or becoming. Or both.
Am just popping in because I had to do something else. So, well. Am watching basketball match Italy vs Russia.

Am slooowly slooowly dying.

If they win today, I'll draw a basket ball so big it'll make your flist page a whole mess. I warn you.

(Also, I noticed I get incredibly childish when I'm watching a b-match. I mean, I hadn't 'shouted' "Ugly! Stupid!" ever since... 8 years old, I think. I'd better stick at "failfailfailfaiFAIL!".)

That's it. Love you all.


P.S.:We're UNDER 32 BLOODY POINTS!!! After the second quarter! geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.


Aug. 30th, 2004 11:01 am
Hi everybody, I'm back! =)

Come on now, don't make those faces, I know that deep down you're all happy to see me. =P And thanks for the comments you left me when I was leaving!

Wherein I babble. )

No, I've not been completely out of the world lately, but I'm not going to say anything on what happened. Maybe too much there would be to say, and surely too much has already been said. (Even if I honestly expected worse: the general Italian tendency towards melodrama didn't bode well.) I've read things that made me feel so ashamed, for the simple fact that I share the man's same nationality, and others with which I agreed. But- well. I'm not going to add anything else.

Olympics. )

On other accounts, I also read a bit. For instance, I finished Kilbrack, and here's my obligatory quote date. )

I don't think I ever wrote an entry this long. So! Tell me anything I missed!

[ETA] And.. well, I was about to say I haven't been completely idle, showing you some images as an evidence of this, but I only have one and I drew it before leaving, (and this phrase should be shorter,) so it doesn't really count, does it? I also wrote a bit, but.. I need to reread it. Yeah, it happens sometimes. Would you have told? =P



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