It could have been worse.


The results? We're kinda fucked to the moon, but looks like we have to play with the hand we're dealt. We are good enough at that, after all... and it's not like we've got a choice? Yeah.
So I was walking, half an hour ago, and I met this old, BIG crush of mine. Hello-hello, how-are-you, how's-it-going, gotta-get-going-now, and when we part I go to check my mp3 player - and the shuffle option had jumped to Madness' Must Be Love. No, honestly. It's not even fair. :P

On other accounts - Jojo? I might still end up on your doorstep after all.
Per quanto mi riguarda (e non ho alcuna pretesa di ritenermi un paradigma), domani saprò in che paese vivo. Se in un paese nel quale sentirmi ancora a casa mia, oppure un paese nel quale sentirmi straniero, e nel quale vivere da straniero. Non so se questo mio sentimento sia più o meno condiviso, ma so che è profondamente mio, e che è sincero. Se la maggioranza degli italiani dovesse rieleggere Silvio Berlusconi, significherebbe che ciò che in quelli come me suscita ostilità e perfino repulsione, inquietudine e perfino paura, per loro è del tutto accettabile e normale, o perfino positivo. Non ho nessunissima voglia di dirmi migliore o peggiore di questi altri italiani. So solo che la diversità di punti di vista, di ambizioni, di stili, di speranze, di cultura civile, di tabù, oggi è molto più radicata di quanto accadesse nei tempi arcaici della Politica e delle Ideologie. Perfino quando ci si odiava e ci si picchiava, si era pur sempre consci di essere cittadini dello stesso paese, e di stare vivendo la stessa storia. Ora non è più così. E' un'eccellente ragione per sperare con tutte le forze che quel signore se ne torni a casa sua, è che soprattutto per colpa sua che andremo a votare, dalle due parti, non per due schieramenti diversi, ma per due paesi diversi.

As far as I'm concerned (and I have no pretense to consider myself a paradigm), tomorrow I will know what country I'm living in. Whether I'm in a country where I can still feel at home, or a country where I'll feel like a stranger, and where I'll live as a stranger. I don't know if this feeling of mine is more or less shared, but I know that it's deeply mine, and that it's honest. Were the majority of Italians to rielect Silvio Berlusconi, it would mean that everything that, in people like me, elicit hostility and even repulsion, anxiety and even fear, for them it's completely acceptable and normal, or even positive. I haven't got the slightest desire to call myself better or worse than those other Italians. I only know that the diversity in points of view, ambitions, styles, hopes, civil culture, taboos, today is much more deep rooted than what it was in the oldest times of Politic and Ideologies. Even when Italians hated each other and came to blows, they were still aware of being citizens of the same country, of being part of the same history. Now it's not like this anymore. It's an excellent reason to hope with all our might that that mister will go back home, as it's mostly because of him that we will go to vote, on both sides, not for two different forces, but for two different countries.

These were not my words, obviously enough. It's a short article published today on our newspaper La Repubblica, and written by the journalist Michele Serra. I've been thinking on what I could or should write on the matter, and in the end this is what I've chosen.

I just... I don't want to be ashamed anymore to say that I'm Italian, you know?

Anyway: one day is over, one more to go.

Good night, and good luck.
Thursday is a very very bad day for internet free time - so bad that I've jst got time for this.

(I'm sorry it's in Italian. I am surely going to write an entry on it before the elections anyway - if anything to let out stress. Why can't it be Monday evening already?)

(Molto probabilmente e' solo una barzelletta. Leggetela come una barzelletta. :D)

Berlusconi ha reso pubblica la sua concezione di una buona meta' dell'elettorato, dichiarando: «Ho troppa stima per l'intelligenza degli italiani per credere che ci possono essere in giro tanti coglioni che votano per il proprio disinteresse.»

Mannheimer ha quindi assegnato la vittoria matematica all'Unione, osservando: «I coglioni sono necessariamente il doppio delle teste di cazzo.»

(I added a note to the last post - there's something I had forgot to write and that someone noticed, making me very very happy. :D )
And if they STILL win after this, I am SO going to expatriate.

Christ. We're not all like this. I swear to the Big Paranoid that we're not all like this.

I know evidence is against us, though.

No. I'm completely serious. While they aren't selling them yet, a minister of ours definitely would like to, and made said proposal.

And Oh Happy Day, I just found out there's the meeting for our village's paper tomorrow night. I have no idea about what to review yet.
It went approximately as follows.

Me: "Hello?"
Unidentified Woman: "Hello, Madam--"
Me: *raises eyebrows* No, not another survey.
UW: "--I'm calling to remind you that on the 3rd and 4th of April the local elections will take place--"
Me: "Yeah. Yeah, I know." 1
UW: "--and, regardless of your political color2, I'd like to suggest you to give your vote to a woman. To [name I don't remember], from Forza Italia."
Me: *jaw hanging*
UW: "So, remember to place a cross over Forza Italia's logo, and write [the name, again] beside--"
Me: "No, thanks."

And I hang the receiver. Now, point one: who the hell-- )

1: At this point in time, I started to wonder whether it wasn't just a recorded message. (It wasn't, by the by.)

2: i.e., black or red. Idiomatic expression.
How come we always manage to make a fool of ourselves?
I saw the opening address at Strasburg.. Ludicrous. Just ludicrous.
What upsets me is that this man should represent us.



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