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This is a site designed to increase awareness of and to provide support for survivors of attachment therapy, a dangerous and unscrupulous practice that has brought harm to many children and cost others their lives. Many of these children have no one to advocate for them. Do no let it continue.

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Welcome on board! I'm guessing you've arrived here through my (fan)art — honestly, it's gotta be either that or the shameless squeefacing, and somehow one sounds more likely than the other. In any case, I hope you're enjoying what you see, and that you'll want to stay! ♥

Speaking of, if you want to friend this journal, go ahead and do! There's really no need to ask first, I can only be (v. v. v.) pleased — not to mention that it's also the easiest/quickest way to keep track of my art, I suppose. It does tend to be the first (and sometimes only) place where I post it. I'm sorry if I can't friend everyone back, though — My online time tends to be fairly limited, and I really need to limit myself to a number of journals I know I can check regularly enough.

And if you want to make icons out of my stuff, again, go ahead and do — unless it's from commission work, in which case I'm afraid you can't. If you want to use it in any other way, like layouts and such, do ask me first, though. (First. Not after.)

See you around! ♥


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