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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeee to everyone to whom I owe replies, emails, comments, or just general "I ATEN'T DEAD" signs (aw, I miss my Pratchett, you know? Haven't read anything by him in a long long time), I'M SORRY. :O These past few days I've done little more than running all over the city and beyond, so, you know. I'm kind of ded.

    But I'll definitely be posting soon.

    (You're free to consider that a threat, if you want.)

    Still, I'm fine - or will be once I've had a nice 16-hours sleep - and happy and everything good, so, you know. ♥

  2. OOOOOH, but I hear snarry_games has begun posting! :o The sucky side of which is that I'm in, well, public, so I don't feel exactly comfortable checking that out right now. WHICH IS SO NOT FUN, incidentally.

  3. Rupert Angier is SO GAY for Alfred Borden. And yes it deserves a point of its own. I'm nearing the end the audiobook, and I'm already itching for slash! I'm also thinking about finally getting around to see the movie, as I've been meaning to for months (literally), but who knows when that will happen. ...is it weird that I don't really like the fact that there are so many famous names in it? Since the author himself is hardly well known, I kind of wished to see unknown actors on the movie, too. Oh well... I've never cared much for Bale but oh, Hugh Jackman I AM looking forward too. ♥ That man in a suit is a sight to behold, after seeing him on Scoop I've been nurturing quite the crush on him. ♥

  4. EEEEEEE the collective volume with all the issues of Long Road Home is out! ♥♥♥ I've already decided that's going to be my gift to myself after I get out of the Toefl exam next Friday, whatever the result ;P

Yep, that's all! Love you! ♥
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