First thing first:

Happy birthday to [ profile] mrsronweasley and [ profile] the_gwyllion! Lovely ladies and lovely artists who both deserve a MORE THAN LOVELY birthday! ♥ ♥ ♥

So, on other accounts, last Thursday I finally went to see Indiana Jones and the aliens.

And it was )

Oh, my... I've been checking around the Fandom Superlative Awards, and I have this urge to nominate The Dark Tower for something somewhere. I mean, wouldn't Jake deserve the Best Kid award? Aw, you know he would. I'm tempted to put Roland in for Most Likely To Survive (I mean, LOOK at his history), but I guess it would be prudent to reach the end of the last book first. :P (Another possibility for him might be Most Likely To Succeed in World Domination. I mean. No, really.) I would propose almost ALL THE BOYS for Most Obviously In The Closet, too. Though Roland would still take the cake.


And just to reiterate the fact -  )

Oh oh oh! I've always forgot up to now - I also have a journalfen account. Though I should warn you that I doubt I'm going to do anything with it, not yet at any rate :P I've had it for a while, and haven't even gone even searching for people I know. Just in case, I guess?
First of all - A REC! The sweet, sweet [ profile] isnt_it_a_pity has written a short story based on my Stargazing picture:

I have been an ass very very bad and I forgot to link to it before... but oh, it was so wonderfully strange to read it, you know? And recognize my pic in it. Awwwwww. ♥♥♥

Even MORE Dark Tower squealing. Spoiler for Book Seven )
These past week two-three days has been quite the tour de force - on Sunday I had the wedding of one of my BFF (the same one I went to visit last summer, for those of you keeping track), and on the same day I (technically) also had my little cousin's Confirmation. Who lives near Florence. Clearly skipped the latter, but my aunt&uncle decided to have the Big Lunch w/t Relatives today - so yes, that means I just got back from there. ;)

...and I should probably work on updating the masterlist, but I don't quite have the strength yet ;P

Instead, what do you get? Even MORE Dark Tower prattle! Wolves of the Calla + (beginning of) Song of Susannah )

And a few words about the DT comics! )

But, if I were to be honest, what I love the absolute most about these books is the way they're making me feel, fandom-wise. Now I truly realize how HP has spoiled me silly. :P I mean - I adoren both Liquor and Torchwood, but I've never felt the fandom-lure much for those. With the Liquor books in particular - every thing I might have liked to see about Rickey and G-man was right there! Oh, granted, it's not like I don't want more - I always will - but I want Poppy telling the tale. ;P I probably would read fanfiction if there ever was, even just because I'm curious as a monkey, but I would take my sweet time in getting around to it. But with the Dark Tower, for the first time in (literally) years, I finally feel again the hunger for fics. It exploded on me with The Waste Lands and Bert&Alain - secondary characters, entirely different personalities, making Sparks together. I needed fanfiction . And I needed it BADLY.

...except that there seems to be absolutely NO FANFICTION WHATSOEVER. D: Oh, I could find a few, and Jo recced me some (I NEED MY DEALER BACK, DAMMIT), but we're talking about three, four stories. (I mean. 4 stories. I come from a pairing which numbers fanfictions by the hundreds.) There might be a few more, but I'm not braving yet those without a mention of which book they are set into, in the header, as I really don't want to risk getting spoiled. Oh, how I love that [ profile] after_the_king exists. I even went back to!! You clearly understand my desperate state.

And since I very much do not want to have to start writing fanfiction myself, I make one last desperate try:

(If you will make that Bert/Alain, you will also have me on my knees.)

(, NOT LIKE THAT! You pervs.)

ETA: *looks up*


All right, I guess this is what happens when the only people I can talk DT with are all the way out of the(ir) country. :P
this is still something you should NOT miss:

(entirely worksafe. And so, so beautiful. ♥)

Those are two characters from the Dark Tower series - and if that picture isn't incentive enough to give the series a try, I don't know what is ;D I am so in love with it! (..I meant with the drawing, but with the series works just as well, I guess. ;P) I love the feeling of it, the atmosphere, the suggestiveness, the softness, the expressions (oh Bert! oh Alain!) and the fact that it has been drawn for ME ME ME ME ME. ;P


(And incidentally, speaking of beautiful art, I have begun browsing the DT comics. ...AND I WOULD SO TAP BERT. Not to be all shallow or anything. But. Pretty. Oh, I loved him to pieces before already, but now? Now?)

And now...

May. 16th, 2008 11:49 am
Some more Dark Tower prattle! Now up to disc 16 of W&G. )

Also? Oh HA HA HA, I KNEW pink was The Ev0l. ;D (Yep, still Dark Tower related. :P)
Wohoo! Been useless to the world at large for all of yesterday and all of today! Well, almost. Close enough, anyway. Yeeeah, it's those few days each month that make you contemplate the downside to being female. I'm sure several of you can relate. (Those of you who have painless periods? I don't want to talk to you just now. ;P) Woah, I hadn't had one this bad in months! Spent the vast majority of the days cuddled on the couch and watching Sex & the city reruns.

Well, at least I seem to be all right now - and just in time for Monday! How lucky I am. ;P

Anyway, it's time for some Dark Tower prattle now! Spoilers up to Disc 8 of Wizard & Glass! )
Aaaaaargh! I'm an ass. D: I entirely forgot to the gifts I have received! Quickly done:

The Triumph of Time (Bill/Remus), by [ profile] celandineb (NWS)

Necessary Supplies (Remus/Sirius), by [ profile] xylodemon (NWS)

...both NWS, since apparently all I sign up for lately are smutty exchanges. What is the world coming to, I wonder...

Allllllso, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger & The Drawing of Three. )



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