Best "twenty minutes in a random shop" of my life: five spent browsing the clothes, the other fifteen staring at the photo of the owner with Ralph Fiennes. That man is so awfully handsome, honestly. More so in that regular, normal picture than in all the glossy magazine ones.

On the other hand, I wonder - the fact that, listening to Cloud Cult's Lucky Today, when the singer goes "someone stole my wallet" I alway half expect it to go "someone stole my bucket" instead - might that mean I've been hanging around icanhascheezburger too often lately?

Oh, and I've got the book, too. Is it just me (SPOILER) )

ETA: Bloody hell NOT AGAIN. You know what? I'm tired. Not deleting anything, not locking anything, not going anywhere. You know, the old jazz.


May. 19th, 2007 12:25 pm
Now - this is not a review. Meaning that, if you haven't read the book and would like to? Check this out instead. Don't click on the lj-cut.

And I MEAN that.

(Which probably means I've written this just for Barbara, Jojo - and maybe [ profile] eleish? You read it, hon? - but I couldn't keep myself from doing it.)

Wherein I discuss in detail all the parts in D*U*C*K that made me squeal. Turns out writing down the whole book would have been simpler. )


Now JUST WAIT THIRTY SECONDS. But did it have to be bloody November?
I'm the only person who uses a big big tablet to draw a pencil picture on it, ain't I. (I mean, using it like a table or something.) Oh well.

Also--hey! Yesterday it was Jim Mack's birthday, wasn't it?

Moonstar FQF! Here!



  • I'm having way too much fun browsing through this website. You receive an anonymous card that looks just like that in the next few days, it might be me. OR IT MIGHT BE A STALKER. Which is not too far from the first option, yeah.

    • Oh, someone will SO get the oral sex card.

  • You know, I found this one awfully fun, too. (Click on the image to see the inside of the card.)

  • Writing an entry without using a client takes one hell of a lot more time.

    • Rich text editors are for not-masochists. Which I'm not. Surprise surprise.

  • MY D*U*C*K COPY WAS SHIPPED YESTERDAY/TODAY YAYAYAYES. You're damn right I contained myself, it'll be pretty hard to miss when I actually receive the book.

  • I love you. Yeah, it's really just aulin-high-induced-happiness, but it might even be true. NOW WHICH ONE IS IT, I WONDER?*

*_ I'm not really that insane, I was just in a lot of pain before. :P Woman All Around The World can relate.

Also, look! Spiffy! Man, do I love [ profile] s2flexisquares.

(And it's all Cate's fault, since to this day I haven't seen an entire episode of the show yet.)

(Sorry Cate!)

Buuu! Tomorrow's the party day - almost everything has been done bought, we've got to set it all up tomorrow.

(I really do like doing this kind of stuff. It's not just the surprise effect itself - which risks to be spoiled, because "Bruni" and "keeps her mouth shut", in this kind of occasions, when put in the same sentence, just don't fit - it's also the whole "working with people I like on making something happen" concept. :D)

("Bruni" and "is eloquent", instead, don't fit in the same sentence under any circumstance.)

Ugh, tomorrow there's the Lunch for a cousin's Confirmation... I was going to (try to) use the party as an excuse to get out of it, but I'm out of luck. Blah. Weddings, Confirmations,  Communions - always such a source of joy and excitement. (No, despite what I look like, they didn't drag me there by force.) (Or maybe they did.) (I used to read whole books during wedding days. And I'm not a particularly quick reader...) At least I'll be able to get away early (I hope).

Woah, wasn't it random. The entry, I mean.
Not only I'm going to sign up for [ profile] hp_tarot - oh, insult me all you like, hopefully it'll make me change idea, I'd be ever so grateful, though I wouldn't hope for it too strongly - but damn, all those sign-up things look so appealing! - I think I might even be doing Flitwick.


Free to shoot me.

Completely changing subject - I'm reading The Kite Runner. Holy shit. That is really the first comment to it that comes to mind. For once you can believe what the jacket review says - provocative, painfully honest, and I don't remember what else they said.

Also, my mental Peter (Pettigrew, I mean) is coming to resemble a lot the main character, Amir.

Man am I loving that book - but I can't read too much of it at once, empathizing is pretty easy. And... they're not nice things.

Which puppy am I? )


Oct. 1st, 2006 06:47 pm
Some random points:

  • Emails! Will respond to emails asap. (Unless I will be talking to you shortly. HAHAHAHA. Was meant to sound like a menacing laughter. I love menacing laughter.) Have been a little sidetracked by this supa-sekrit-birthday party me and Elisa are organizing for next Sunday. Today we were choosing which photographs to screen. Some v. v. embarrassing ones. I mean, banana skirts! Can't wait for next Sunday to come.

  • Except not, once I think of the shitload of stuff we still have to do.

  • Apparently, I belong to the kind of people who are not completely helped by web templates. I have this weird urge to pick the prettier-but-not-perfect-for-my-needs one, and then try to bend it to what I want it to be.

  • Did I ever mention that I have no knowledge of HTML language whatsoever?

  • Not to mention CSS.

  • Or PHP.

  • I owe drawings!! Lots of them! I SWEAR I will get to them too. Still asap.

  • No, really.

  • Would have sworn there was another point I wanted to write here. Oh well. Will add it in once I can remember what it was.

  • (Maybe.)

  • This was NOT it, but I love Ouran Host Club. Or whatever the complete title is. A LOT. It deserved its own point.

Ok, bye, and LOVE YOU ALL! :D

(Isn't it pwetty? *g*)

(Man do I love Flathead. THANK YOU NI.)
While looking for something completely unrelated - like, this - I ended up finding this instead, and was very amused.

Lookie lookie, I'm a panacea. :P

Oh! I've been told that The Best of Youth has had quite the success in America, is that true? It would make me really really happy, it's one of my favorite films. (You know, wink wink nudge nudge ad nauseam.)

All right. Back to work.
A couple of days ago (after consistent and protract laughs about a certain game, called Cruising Room) Agnese and me started talking about Peter, then OotP, then the Pensieve.

Wherein I ramble a bit about Peter, )the Pensieve, )and releases in general. )

I really meant the bit about telling me where I could be wrong.
Ok. While I was lying in my bed last night, delighting in the company of my flu, I thought of something.
Of Remus, of Peter, of school and maturity )

And if this nonsense was plain boring, or just obvious and banal, blame my flu.

What is funny is that today I came all the same to the University to attend classes. I have to be really ill, I've never done such a thing in all my school career. Bah.

And welcome to my Daddy! XD



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