Boooo, I wanted to talk with the Birthday Girl, but I called too late :( GAH, that's what I get for being so slow. I wanted to finish Oo's gift first, and then I got stuck on it Big Time, and BLAH!

But I'm trying again tomorrow. :P

(In the meanwhile, I've left two truly embarrassing (for me, mostly) comments on both K and Oo's "answering services" or whatever they're called. (I hope. I'm not too awfully sure who I actually talked with.) Grah I get so flustered when I have to leave a message!)

ETA: Oki doki, I'd actually meant to write this entry to post some music I'd uploaded, and then I forgot to add just that. Figures.

  • Renzo Arbore - Bongo bongo bongo
    I say this song is brilliant. ;D Granted, it's in Italian, but it's still fun. I think? Well, for me it is. :>

  • ANNA inspi' NANA - Rose
    Okay, so this is an anime's theme song. From Nana, to be exact - I love the manga to pieces, but the anime is kind of blah. The live movie gave me loads of lols, though.

  • Subsonica - L'errore
    Local Indie band - I can't really remember if I've uploaded this song before, though.

  • Joe Hisaishi - The Sixth Station
    Spirited Away OST! As for the movie itself, I prefer Howl's Moving Castle, but I like this soundtrack best. ♥ Very good for drawing time. Or writing time, I suppose.

  • Joe Hisaishi - The Dragon Boy
    More Spirited Away. (Or Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi. And I remembered that without checking! Go me!) Aww, I like this one too.
...a couple songs I've rediscovered lately. :D

Astor Piazzolla & Gerry Mulligan - 20 Years Ago

Astor Piazzolla & Gerry Mulligan - Summit

I... know, I keep reuploading them every now and then. In fact, some of you might already have them. It's just that - you know, I love them so much. There's a fair chance they might be my favorite pieces in absolute - or, at least, close enough. And yeah, they're tango pieces.

Oh, they're just so beautiful.

(I'd suggest listening to them when you're on your own, headphones on, with as high a volume as you can stand without feeling your ears hurt. Then, close your eyes. ♥)

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] jou, [ profile] joeru and [ profile] fusei! :D

An advice? Never ever start listening to either the second or the third while you're getting ready to go out. I was a quarter of hour late because of #3 alone. :P

Ouff... I've finally getting close to the end, with the website. I'm coding the last iframe as we speak. (And, well, I haven't even touched yet the commission page. Freud, anyone?) By Monday/Tuesday I should be able to "publish" it, I think. If I haven't fucked something up without even realizing it - which wouldn't really be that strange, come to think of it...

Oh well.

I'm also thinking about posting an entry about last Friday's party... I've got the photos I have saved on the pc, it's mostly a matter of typing the captions. I'm afraid it won't be today, though - I'm heading out in a hour and tonight I'm not going to be home for long. ^^;

Random entry? Why of course. And while we're here already, a meme too! )
Oh god, SPARE ME.

(If anything, no one else of the friends I'm working with for the party has dates, either. We'll probably spend the evening spreading paint on foam rubber. ...well, it's not that bad. :P)

And now some music:

Oookay - I'm on an uploading spree. Why yes I am. Also, shamelessly stealing the images idea from the lovely [ profile] ourmutualfiend. ;)

Most of them come from "group downloads" - in case the links above won't work, here we have Group 1 and Group 2.

Per gli italiani! )
And we start the month with some music!

And today is the beginning of the [ profile] hpqfac parade! So far, my (main) sponsor pimp* is [ profile] mudblood428. I've got ideas for about 5/6 pieces so far, not counting the one mentioned above, and not counting the Snape I will do for the very very lovely [ profile] _lore (yup, still for the parade). If I'm good, in the next month you should see (at least) a Harry and a Draco (yup, same picture), a Narcissa, a Ted and a Andromeda, a Percy, a couple of Remuses (maybe three), a Sirius, and some unspecified character (which is to mean that I've had an idea for a pose, but I haven't yet settled on which the character posing will be.)

Okay, so that makes it 7/8 (8/9 with Snape) and I can't count. What else is new? would also be much more than what I've posted in the last kazillion of years, but hey. I've got inspiration and optimism. And a generous dose of insanity, which always helps.

*_ That mental image would deserve a doodle, I think...

ETA: Heh! Indulge me. :P

My Valentinr - bruni
Get your own valentinr



I think this may be one of the most moving songs I've heard. Probably it's because it's easy enough to sense the lyrics' meaning, or because I know the story behind it, but... oh, it's simply wonderful. I suggest listening to it with headphones and high volume. :)


Well then, today I saw a depressing basketball match at 6 a.m., cleaned the house, in the afternoon went to help at the pub* painting the sides of the drinks stall/bar, then went to tutor the girl**, and all of this on two hours of sleep (8:30am-10:16am, not even in the night) and a single coffee. I'm proud of myself. ;D But I think I may have to go and collapse on the bed anytime soon.

*Some of you may remember that last year, in September, we made a little pub inside our village festival. It went so well that not only we are doing it again, but we're making it much prettier. Although there have also been several fights with the leadership... but it's a long story, and it shall have to be told another time.

**Er, yes, I'm actually tutoring a girl. Have been for something more than a month, in fact. Duh, I don't talk much about my real life, do I? I'm tutoring her in Maths, obviously enough. I'd never thought explaining a sum between numbers in N could actually be hard. :P Now we're going over expressions and linear (numerical, of course) equations, and... You know, I'd forgot how much I liked doing that shit. It was fun.
Annina Annina I'm so sorry, your thing isn't ready yet! And... I just realized it's whole worlds easier to draw naked people, rather than clothed ones. Is that supposed to be a divine sign? Thou Shalt Draw Only Indecent Males?

On to completely different matters, the five songs meme has been doing the rounds again... and never be said I lose a chance to inflict some music on you. (Possibly arriving late on top of that.) :P I'm going to add a little little twist to it, though: said twist being that the following five songs haven't got a single word to them. (Er. Almost always.) I've tried to propose different genres, but I don't know how successful I was - when I first had the idea it seemed a nice one. Until I tried to remember which instrumental pieces I'd actually got. Reaching number five hasn't been easy.

Bur without further ado:

    Five (Instrumental) Songs Meme!

  • Medley (Lullaby for Ugo - Ninna Nanna per Lele)

  • Jazzizizz. Exceptional background music when you're copying notes. :P

  • Tank!

  • Now I want to see how many people on board will recognize this. :D And, ok, it might be slightly cheating. But the words are just a handful! A tiny handful!

  • Criminal

  • Honestly, you should be VERY glad I haven't saddled you with all tango pieces. When I do the obsessive-compulsive person, you have to admit that I do it well.

  • Chi Mai

  • I was actually going to upload Untitled #1 by Sigur Ros, when I went to listen to it again and realized that it actually has a whole lot of words. So Chi Mai it is. Thank you Oo! :D

  • Cronaca Nera (Crime News)

  • Intro to the album of a(n Italian) band I've discovered recently. I'm liking them quite a lot.

AND: you know the Music Letter Meme? Or something? I've been assigned the letter R (for Remus, Ni said :D) and here I am. Aren't you glad. :P

    Letter Music Meme: R!

  • Rudie Can't Fail
    Oh come on, I just couldn't avoid it! :D

  • Revolver
    Still Baustelle! I like their sound - and their lyrics in general. It's not that often that bands pay all that attention to them.

  • Red Dragon Tatoo
    Fountains of Waine! I haven't heard too much of their stuff, but their music always makes me smile. :D It doesn't take much, okay, okay...

  • Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
    Haha, the shower song! :D Though it's only known as that in few places other than the inside of my head, I suppose. But honestly, it's perfect for showers. I swear! Try it out.

  • Razor
    The Fooooooo Fighters! What is a Foo Fighter, anyway?

  • Rush
    Hm, this is probably going to sound new to a whole lot of people. And now I can't remember if I've added all the info to the file. Hmmmmmm.

I already knew Gotan Project (it's actually impossible not to), I've listened to their first album and I've liked it well enough. This song, though? This song I love. Diferente.

Another song I listened to until my ears threatened to leave me is Nuvole e Lenzuola (Clouds and sheets). It's the perfect song to sing to very loudly in cars & in company. :D

Before I forget: if I did another round of the Fanfiction Quotes meme, would you want to play?

Also: I'm thinking about installing Skype, but there isn't really the need - the new Y!M is called Y!M withe Voice for a reason, after all :P - so, I suggest you all get a hold of a couple of headphones and a microphone, because I'm going to pester you like you can't believe. :D


Random jazzy song:

(Completely instrumental. Oh, and the title means "We were a maniple of heroes".)

I'm obseeessing over it.

And a meme:

Leave a comment anonymously: tell me a joke, tell me about your day, tell me you love me, tell me you hate me, tell me who you really love, and who you really hate. Anything goes. Because wasting time is what Sundays Wednesdays (and every other day of the week, honestly) were made for.

*goes to turn off IP*
Oh, ha, ha. I'm so going to hate myself in a very few hours.

But staying up late at night is something I adore, what can I do? (guess what, I actually know the answer to that question. :P Last time I stayed up all night I was barely functioning the rest of the day. Hocuspocushumptydumpty, I predict someone will be drinking lots and LOTS of coffee, later today...)

(Later today! Oh boy, I've got a morningful of classes. Am doomed. :D <-- Yes, I'm smiling, I'm actually in a very good mood. Which is a good thing, considering I've been rather tetchy lately. And therefore eating anything in reach. :P Subsequently, as a last desperate tentative to save itself, my stomach has started trying to stab me and making a very good job of it. :D And I keep adding smiling smilies! Woah, am I weird.)

Notte Prima degli Esami )

also, plzputmeoutofmymisery )

Lookie lookie, the sky is getting lighter and lighter... DOOMED, I tell you. DOOMED. I shall sacrifice to the Mighty Coffee God.

Anyone up for the altar?

P.S.: Am  also ready for start on the two projects I am left for the moment. One of which is looong overdue and whose recipient is, like, way TOO kind to me.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 12:29 pm
[ profile] gothikmaus told me to do it, and I'm a little obedient girl, so I do.

The icon has obviously nothing to do with the entry.

I also know that the meme said seven songs. But I'm rebellious, and I made it seven artists. Also because right now I'm listening to HIM's "Love Metal" album, it would have been it. Not that interesting, you understand.

Pick seven songs you're into right now, list them, then pick seven friends to repeat the process.

  1. Dresden Dolls: Ni uploaded their Missed Me a while ago, I went all clicky clicky as usual, and I've had much fun trying to get all the lyrics. :D I suggest you try it too.

  2. H.I.M.: I've started listening to them only recently (as in three-four days ago), I knew only The Funeral of Hearts before. Not bad, not at all. For the moment I'm stuck on Buried Alive By Love and Soul On Fire.

  3. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: [ profile] celestialsoda uploaded Summertime along with posting a wonderful picture, I told myself 'why not', and now I like it.

  4. Sinead O'Connor: Out of the, I think, three songs of hers I've listened to, Dancing Lessons is definitely the one I like best. So sweet. :D

  5. Gackt: J-Rock, and this is all [ profile] sori_chan's fault. She gave me Crescent and Mars. I've started listening to the first, and you know what, it isn't bad. The few Japanese singers I've listened to, in the rock department, have a certain tendency to modulate their voice a little too much... but it's good. Dybbuk is a strange song, for one. It starts really well, and then - I don't know, the singed/talked part doesn't persuade me that terribly much. Kimi ga matteiru kara and Lust for blood have speed, while Hoshi no suna is slower. I haven't decided yet if I like or not Gackt's voice there.

  6. Foo Fighters: aaaah, Foo Fighters. I love them so. When I love me some drums, Low is the one I turn to, although I had my first crush on them thanks to All My Life.

  7. Liliana Herrero, Palabras para Julia. Such a wonderful, deep, warm voice. Thank you, Ni.

  8. Bonus tracks )
ThingS. Of the thingS. Looks like there is a limit to characters in subject lines. (Well, yes, I was wondering...)

And this line was of, roughly, no interest at all.

So: I've been tagged for a couple of memes, and you have to blame these three girls, not me. :P

Things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. When you are mindless, bored, and need a way to suck away time. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it and then, if you like, tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

So, let's see. )

And now... six songs meme! )

I've seen this meme around... and I thought I could adapt it to my case. I don't know if anyone will give a damn, but in case...

Ask me anything about my drawings and/or drawing process: inspiration, process, what the hell was I thinking, etc. No limit on questions, just ask away.
Aaaaall-right-- I thought today I would have more time than what I actually do.

So, music it is.

And, [ profile] spacedye_vest: I love you! Bwahahahaha... :D

But, as I said, music. )

Sloganized, because I couldn't resist:

generated by

Pssst! If you reload the page, it changes.

ETA: Oh my god, NI! The card! The card! I ADORE IT! :D :D :D
Blame [ profile] spacedye_vest. Respect to the original version going around, I uploaded the songs as well.

(1.) Total volume of music files on my computer?
Oops - I forgot to check that one. No idea. Not too much, anyway.

(2.) The last CD I bought was...
Er. Like, with money? It should be The Clash's London Calling... I think.

(3a) The last song I listened to before writing this was...
Errr- the one that goes "Whatever you want - tutu tutu - whatever you need - tutu tutu - whatever you nana nana nana nana na". No, I don't quite know the lyrics, and I don't remember the author/title either. Could you tell? And help me out? I listened to it this morning at the bar, it got stuck, and I forgot to ask Giorgio what it was. You know, it's one of the songs that you happen to listen to endless times and (at least in my case) never learn the name of.

(3b) Song playing right now:
Willy de Ville - Demasiado Corazon. This one should be familiar to anyone who ever saw Zelig. (The tv comic show, I mean.)

(4.) Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
I hate the questions like these. Choosing is too hard! I'll end up leaving out important ones! But, well, at least I can try. Don't ask me to go in order, too, that would be downright cruel.

1. Aerosmith - Falling in love (Is hard on the knees)
As Ni excellently phrased it, "in my mind it marks the moment when I started to really pick my music instead of just listening whatever everyone else was listening". Yes, I did copy and paste. But it's true, as soon as I heard it on the radio, it was Love at first hearing.

2. Skunk Anansie - Charlie Big Potato
But really, I could cite any song by SA. They marked a big phase in my "musical education". This song in particular is tied to a particular party, in high school, which I still remember very fondly.

3. Marlene Kuntz - Una Canzone Arresa
Other group that marked a really big phase in my musical upbringing. The one I really wanted to post was another, but I have it only on a tape. I should get around to ask the friends who have them on CDs. (Beware if I do, because then you'll find yourselves with armfuls of MK songs.)

4. Manic Street Preachers - Prologue to History
I was so very doubtful about which one of theirs I should choose. Getting anywhere near The Holy Bible would have meant uploading the whole album. (I mean it.) (I still can, if you want.) So, I wrote this because it's the first I ever listened to (the very first was "The everlasting") truly liked. Ni, goddess that she is, sent it to me, and it sent me head over heels. You should have seen me, when I was listening to it. "Crazy monkey" in the truest sense of the term.

5. Antonio Carlos Jobim - Garota de Ipanema
I know this will sound strange, but I'm trying to post a song that has to cover a whole period of time. Toquinho, Jobim, Joao Gilberto - I practically grew up listening to them, because of Dad's passion. And then there's Sonny Rollins, and Miles Devis. Or Michel Petrucciani. (I was besotted with him, at - twelve. Or thirteen, can't remember.) For instance, "Insensatez" was the first song that Dad tried to get me to learn to play with the guitar, and I can still sing the first lines, even if I haven't heard it in years. (The second - and last - was "Jeux interdits".) This is not to say that I'm an expert, though. Most of the times I can recognize the opening notes to a song of theirs, but the most I can say is "Wait! I know this one!" and stop. :P

(5.) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?

Hmm, let's see. The list is short... many people seem to have already done this.

[ profile] joeru, because I WANT her to do it, and she will. DID YOU HEAR ME THERE?

[ profile] paddo, same applies.

[ profile] wild_boys, because I haven't seen you doing it, and don't think you're getting off that easily. Don't try to distract me by remarking about double entendres, either. Trust me, it won't work.

[ profile] _hey_sailor, same as above.

[ profile] dungeons_master, look at any of the reasons above, which are actually two, and both of them variations on the same theme.
So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
Ans so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The world is so wrong
And so happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let's stop all the fight
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
Ans so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
War is over over
If you want it
War is over
So, yesterday evening I finally listened the Fonoba playing. ^_____^ Fonoba, of course, is the name of the "famous" band formed by my friends.. don't question its meaning, I made the mistake to try and guess it time ago. And yes, I finally came to the right answer. That's why I tell you not to ask. ^^"
They played on our village festival (in the godforsaken place that is Petrignano..), in the park (there is more cement than garden, anyway) few steps far from my house (which made me so glad when there's the occasional ballroom band, or when there are the cha cha lessons... =___=), along with other three or four bands. The 'repertoire' was mostly rock or punk, so nothing to complain about, there.
I already knew their playlist, since is more or less the same from months.. and it's composed of some of my fav songs. Exactly, they performed "Hedonism", "Cheap Honesty", "Bambole", "Special K", "Can't stop" and "Zombies".. Whenever I wasn't singing, I was smiling or laughing. How much the corner of my mouth hurted, at the end.. ^^" But it was worth it.
They're six. I've grown up with four of them, I know another one from something like ten years. And well, what should I say? I'm proud of them. Really. It can be a stupid thing to say, it may seem that I'm biased, partial, that I say so just because I love'em all, but I don't care, I mean it. Guys, you're great. *^______^*

I'm glad also because I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a great deal of time, three of my ex-classmates (some of the few I really think fondly of).. I saw also Raphael. I thought he was still abroad, but evidently he came back for the holidays. And since he's Emanuele's cousin, it's also obvious that he came to see him. God, it's awful how I'm still uncomfortable around that guy..



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