Aw, sometimes it's really the "small" things. I got this letter today - the old fashioned kind, paper, envelope, stamp and all - this letter that someone sent me, and I swear, I hadn't opened it yet and I was already having this HUGE wave of nostalgia. ♥ (Not to mention when I opened it. AW, when I opened it. ♥♥♥ I love that girl.) Omg, I miss you guys so much. Things are changing and I've been settling in, working out a new routine and stuff, and... I really let the friends-side of the interwebs slide away from me. And boy, do I miss it. :( *GROUP HUG TO ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE AROUND HERE*

Oh oh oh, but on the other hand, looks like a... certain series of books made two more converts! *g* It's just as well I'm not a fan of organized religion. If I were to start a church, I can't really see it catch on too fast at all. ;D
- in particular that section of the world including G me, Rickey [ profile] jou, Chef Irvin [ profile] jadis31 and ??? can't believe I haven't picked a character for you yet! D: [ profile] monophobia - that YAY WE'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!11!eleven!!!

*fist in the air*

(Also, this might be as good a time as ever to mention that, in that regard, at some point in the past I did try wondering which character Ni could play, if we were to follow the aforementioned guidelines. I couldn't think of anyone who could fit the bill. At first. I was going down the "Like, it'd have to be someone connected at least to both Jojo and me" road when SAL KELLER started flashing in my head.

Oh. Oh the tears of laughter were still streaming down my face five minutes after.)

(We do have to find someone better suited for you, honey, though.)

And noooow: got it from [ profile] ani_bester, who got it from [ profile] bzzinglikeneon, who got it from...

Based entirely on my personality (so if you've met me before, block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a "played by" who you think would best represent me. Reply here with the picture or link.

This person may be male or female depending on whether *I* strike you as male or female.

I will respond with who I think should play you (only this might take all weekend, so I don't advise holding your breath!)

Now I'll go back to some good html coding. *g* I always wonder how come people don't realize how much fun it is... ;D

ETA: I need more Liquor icons.

ETA2: I was thinking about this before - are there no Cloud Cult icons around? How is it possible that the whole wide world isn't in love with them yet? ;P Theirs is the first CD I've actually bought (like, with money) in... oh, I don't know how much time. I love it so much. Journey of the Featherless is my latest crush. ;P

ETA3: I am also THE WORST EMAIL CORRESPONDANT IN THE WORLD. D: Especially when it comes to the real important stuff :( Please forgive me? ♥
“I tell you one thing, though. If that friend of yours makes you happy, hang onto ‘em any way you can. Ain’t too often in this life you meet another person makes you really happy. Listen to this shit,” Chef Irvin said, stubbing out his cigarette on the sole of his shoe. “Motherfuckin Hallmark Cards oughta hire me. Make me head of the motherfuckin inspirational division.”

The Value of X, by Poppy Z. Brite

I suppose I could have stopped a sentence sooner, but then it would have taken out some of Chef Irvin's verve, I'm afraid. :P I also suppose this is more of an advice, than a simple quote - read in context, that phrase was referred to a single friend, and a pretty particular kind of one... but that's really the beauty of taking things out of context. You can take them to mean pretty much anything. In my case, though, I don't want to go really that far - also because there is no rule that says you can have only one best friend. You can get lucky and have more of them - both online and offline, I'm not making distinctions. And I know I've had that phrase, that hang onto ‘em any way you can, ringing quite a few times in my head all last week.

Now - it's been kind of a rough week, next one will probably be just as much so, which means that I was wondering if you could help me out some. I'd like this entry's theme to be All things funny. I just really, really need to laugh as much as I can*, so if you can think of any funny stories, pictures, links, whatever - could you post them here? Please. Don't worry about what I might like or not - whatever sounded funny to you. For any reason. Pretty please? ♥

* Books helped in that regard, though. I'd started reading A Confederacy of Dunces - a new bookshop opened, and the section with the books in English is a thing of beauty - but it really wasn't doing the trick, and last Tuesday I switched to A Monstrous Regiment. By page 25 I was definitely sure that yes, that was just the thing. (I'm not saying that I wasn't liking Confederacy, though. It just wasn't the right moment for it.)
Aw! I am very not much of one for anniversaries, if anything because I can never remember the dates themselves - that is, I can remember the numbers fine, but either way before or long after they're, like, on - but this is one is kind of special. Exactly one year ago (to the hour) I was reading The Value of X for the first time!, it's not like I wrote it down or anything. I remembered it was one of the first "pub nights" (every year, a group of young people from my village, me included, pull together a pub (a bar in the open, more like) in occasion of the village festival. Which usually means a lot of fun. And near to no sleep. But really fun. And kind of cold at times. But fun!) - but I wasn't sure which one. Until, once I finally got all my lj backed up with LjArchive, I started reading old entries at random and I saw the date mentioned.

(But oh, the real obsession would come later on, with the other three Liquor books - and that'd be around the 10th or 11th of October. I do remember that date. Though for slightly less light reasons.)

Mmmh. I feel like I should have drawn something for the occasion. Too bad I haven't had a single free second to do that, between the pub, the girl I'm tutoring and a thousand little other things that just keep adding up. Technically, I'd also meant to try and lose a few pounds, since it tends to be easier when I'm busy... but being busy 20 hours a day without helping myself to any kind of sweet? What was I in my previous life? Hitler?

Oh man, I really am tired. (Figure that, look at the time.) (My time.) I'd better go right to bed sleep, as I am in bed already. But some music first: The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart. Been listening to this one a lot, recently. That and Cloud Cult have had a laaarge hand in keeping me on track. :D


May. 19th, 2007 12:25 pm
Now - this is not a review. Meaning that, if you haven't read the book and would like to? Check this out instead. Don't click on the lj-cut.

And I MEAN that.

(Which probably means I've written this just for Barbara, Jojo - and maybe [ profile] eleish? You read it, hon? - but I couldn't keep myself from doing it.)

Wherein I discuss in detail all the parts in D*U*C*K that made me squeal. Turns out writing down the whole book would have been simpler. )


Now JUST WAIT THIRTY SECONDS. But did it have to be bloody November?
First of all -

Yaaaaaay. :D And then:

-Go to and look up 10 8 of your favorite TV shows.
-Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
-Have your friends guess the show names.

  1. Body Swap - Reluctant Hero - Soap Opera Spoof - Altering History - Quantum Leap, guessed by [ profile] gothikmaus

  2. Rich Kid - High School Friends - Soap - Beverly Hills 90210, guessed by [ profile] spacedye_vest

  3. Title Spoken By Character - Sitcom - Janitor - Scrubs, guessed by [ profile] crushedmidnight

  4. Father - Travel - Young Versions Of Characters - The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles guessed by [ profile] spacedye_vest

  5. Casual Sex - Gay Interest - Women - Columnist - Sex & the City, guessed by [ profile] gothikmaus

  6. Sexual Tension - Shapeshifting - Cover Up - The X Files, guessed by [ profile] ourmutualfiend

  7. Folk Singer - Monkey - Male Bonding - Friends, guessed by [ profile] kileaiya

  8. New Jersey - Sarcasm - Pill - House M.D., guessed by [ profile] crushedmidnight

...Okay, so I did just eight. I'm just not sure I've seen ten tv shows. Not counting anime, I mean.

And now, since I know a few people in my flist are almost as obsessed with it as I am might be interested in this, YouTube video with Poppy Z. Brite talking about Liquor. )

Also, OH MY GOD THIS IS WONDERFUL. I love that RSS feed something truly atrocious.
First off, all of you ought to know I adore the tv series Scrubs. I've been watching it ever since high school.

That said, yesterday night, before heading out to the "building yard" (will add explanation later on), as I was washing the dishes I saw that they aired an old Scrubs episode. The one with the airband.

I went to the yard at 22:00 because of it.

Oh, the LOVE.

[Error: unknown template video]

How I miss my old "not that bad" icon...

As for the general Life of Bruni, )

It took me a while, but it finally sunk in how slightly embarrassing the old Y!M ID was... so I've changed it:

Oh, and... well. I saw this. (...and this too, actually.)

If I got a little teary eyed it's TOTALLY hormones' fault and if you mention it to anyone you'll wake up tomorrow and YOUR LITTLE TOE WILL BE MISSING.

Not that I'm vindictive or anything.



  • I'm having way too much fun browsing through this website. You receive an anonymous card that looks just like that in the next few days, it might be me. OR IT MIGHT BE A STALKER. Which is not too far from the first option, yeah.

    • Oh, someone will SO get the oral sex card.

  • You know, I found this one awfully fun, too. (Click on the image to see the inside of the card.)

  • Writing an entry without using a client takes one hell of a lot more time.

    • Rich text editors are for not-masochists. Which I'm not. Surprise surprise.

  • MY D*U*C*K COPY WAS SHIPPED YESTERDAY/TODAY YAYAYAYES. You're damn right I contained myself, it'll be pretty hard to miss when I actually receive the book.

  • I love you. Yeah, it's really just aulin-high-induced-happiness, but it might even be true. NOW WHICH ONE IS IT, I WONDER?*

*_ I'm not really that insane, I was just in a lot of pain before. :P Woman All Around The World can relate.

Also, look! Spiffy! Man, do I love [ profile] s2flexisquares.

Just a couple of things:

Rickey saying "I'm not a straight boy" as if it was an insult is too adorable for words. :D


a girl on DA just sent me a not to ask me where she could find the story that was the subject of my latest drawings (MWAHAHAHA), since she would really like to read it.


These are satisfactions. :D :D :D
*takes deep breath*

Oookay, I'm feeling a little nervous about this.

Today is - SAY HALLOWEEN AND I'LL KICK YOU IN THE SHINS - the Fabulous Jojo's birthday, obviously. I adore that woman! Met her first when I'd had this lj for, like... a month or so? Been clinging ever since. (I meet someone I like? I cling. Nothing to be done about it.) There's no LJ without her. :D And what I've thought for her is so depressingly obvious that I had to try and surprise her in some other way. ;P

Title: We're In This Together No Matter What
Fandom: Liquor series! ...hey, you can stop groaning now, you know.
Characters: Rickey and G-man
Rating: Oh, mostly G - a hint of PG at the end?
Notes: Later. Heh.

In this moment of my life?

I'm feeling like the biggest geek on the face of the planet. I am raving about Rickey and G-man. I bloody squeal when I'm reading their books! Books, you get it? Books! It has never happened before! Not even with PoA or GoF! Not even Good bloody Omens! I'm lost. I'm officially gone and done for. And on top of that, I browse Poppy's site, and what do I find?


I have to get around to free some icon space and made an icon of this. Which I'll practically never use, considering how few people on my flist like or at least know of the Liquor series, BUT. Boudreaux's Butt Paste!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Oh. I feel so worn out, you know?

Well well well - taking a look at my friends' page, turns out that today (or yesterday, 'm not so sure) is (was?) beta appreciation day.

Or some such.

Okay, so I don't write, but I think there's someone here that should get a special mention.

Because you really have no idea how much I owe [ profile] spacedye_vest. :D

I'm not joking and I'm not exagerating, without her there's so much stuff that wouldn't have seen the light. :) (...which, okay, sometimes has not being exactly for the best. Er.) She prods, suggests, supports, hints at, makes me think of stuff I never would have thought before. I'm so, so thankful and grateful for all the help she's given me, even if I'm not the best person on earth at expressing it.

Just... thank you, Ni. Thank you so much. :D

P.S.: G-man. Oh, G-man.

P.P.S.: And Rickey! Oh, Rickey!
And I am the proud owner of a copy of Lost Souls :D

Haven't be able to read much of it yet, but I'm loving it so far.


ETA: In case anyone of you uses the VLC media player...

...does it show you blue-skinned people too? It's been like watching grown up Smurfs.



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