Aw, sometimes it's really the "small" things. I got this letter today - the old fashioned kind, paper, envelope, stamp and all - this letter that someone sent me, and I swear, I hadn't opened it yet and I was already having this HUGE wave of nostalgia. ♥ (Not to mention when I opened it. AW, when I opened it. ♥♥♥ I love that girl.) Omg, I miss you guys so much. Things are changing and I've been settling in, working out a new routine and stuff, and... I really let the friends-side of the interwebs slide away from me. And boy, do I miss it. :( *GROUP HUG TO ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE AROUND HERE*

Oh oh oh, but on the other hand, looks like a... certain series of books made two more converts! *g* It's just as well I'm not a fan of organized religion. If I were to start a church, I can't really see it catch on too fast at all. ;D
(But before we start - awwwwwwww! Thank you so much to [ profile] kyasuriin and [ profile] nuriwan, who both sent me lovely, lovely cards! :D Nuri, Jack and Owen and Tosh are the prettiest prettiest things!)

Well. If you look at the bare facts, 2007 has been... not so good. Shit happens, and sometimes it happens all together. Still, there's one thing that's never been so clear to me as in those past twelve months - I have people who love me, who care for me and stand by me, who would help me out if I needed it. And it doesn't matter that I'm the kind of person who'd die rather than say anything resembling "okay, I've fucked up big time, and I might not manage to get out of this one on my own" - I know that I can. And damn, it makes all the difference in the world.

I'm so disgustingly lucky. But I like it, and I sure hope it won't stop anytime soon. ♥

So, the one thing I hope for the new year is that I'll manage to show (since I'm pants at telling) my people how much I love them, and how much it means to me that they are my people. I didn't expect anything and I've been given so much. It's only fair of me to try and give something back, don't you think?



Jan. 1st, 2007 09:15 pm
Chronicle of the 31st of December, in painstakingly boring detail. )

Woah. This is getting to be one long entry. I couldn't get online all last week, so I had no chance to thank a few people - like [ profile] __hibiscus, who sent me a wonderful card (Hermione's hair is just gorgeous! :D), [ profile] remeciel, whose puppies were just so sweet, [ profile] jadis31, WHO SENT ME THE GREATEST CARD EVER, I spent a whole hour (not joking) laughing because of, and [ profile] ourmutualfiend.

Oh, [ profile] ourmutualfiend.

I... have no words. Really. It was-- it was just-- I BLOODY ADORE YOU, WOMAN.

Aaaaaand a surprise! Well, now, "a surprise". Just something I did. I actually have the sketchbook up, amazingly enough.

Bruni's Sketchbook

Anyway - I really feel like I should thank you a lot of you. Individually. Because, really, there's so many persons I met here that I just love, and I'm so glad I actually do know you, but... yeah. Not very good at it. (the "thanking people who deserve it" thing, I mean.) So, just...

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Dec. 8th, 2006 03:48 pm
Okay, so I shouldn't be checking lj at all, but as it turns out I did, and--

Oh, you're such liars.

But... thank you. You might even have made me a little teary eyed, except that that would be a thousand times more embarrassing than anything else I could ever do (...), so I'M NOT and I'll kick the first person who says otherwise.

Nope. Never been too good at that whole "accepting compliments" thing.

Now - please, tell me where YOU are! Going through 30 pages to find you is... a little too much for me right now. :( (Note the "right now". At any other time I probably would have. :P Whatever that tells you about me... please don't say it aloud. ;) )



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