:D! Oh man, I was SO GLAD to see the news - way earlier today - but I can hardly say I was surprised by the result ;)

(Best Facebook status yet: McCain't. I heard someone mention it on the car radio as I was coming home tonight, and I couldn't help laughing out loud. ♥)

(Granted, I might have been the tiniest bit giddy about the whole thing. And a little dead tired too, I guess?)

The one thing I was REALLY worried about was California's referendum - but it sounds like it's not definitive? Eh? Eh? Say yes?

It's about time to start posting the livelongnmarry pics, I think... ;) I'd had in mind to start before the referendum itself, as something of a "good luck" thing, but. Haha. Nope, didn't happen.
Let's Fight for Saviano
[Italian text/English text]

Roberto Saviano is under death threats for denouncing the criminal deeds of the Camorra in his book Gomorra, translated and read all over the world.

His freedom is under threat as well as his autonomy as a writer, his chances to meet his family, to enjoy a social life, to have part in the public life, to travel in his own country.

A young writer, guilty to have investigated the organized crime revealing its methods and its structure is forced to live an hidden, underground life, while the Camorra bosses send him death threats from their jails ordering him to stop writing for La Repubblica, his newspaper, and to keep silent.

The State must do every effort to protect Saviano and to defeat the Camorra. But this is not a mere police case. It's a problem of democracy. Saviano's safe freedom concerns everyone of us as citizens.

Signing this appeal we intend to take charge of it, as a personal commitment, urging the State at the same time to take on its responsibility, because it's intolerable that something like this could happen in Europe in 2008.


- the first 110000 signatures - 80000 more and counting -

25 Aprile

Apr. 25th, 2008 03:41 pm
I tried the English version of Wikipedia, to see whether it talked at all about what the 25th of April means to us. If you click here, and scroll down all the way to 1945, you'll see:

1945 - Nazi occupation army leaves Northern Italy after a general partisan insurrection by the Italian resistance movement. This day is taken as symbol of Liberation of Italy.

A little drily put, maybe, that's what it is. (And all I've found on there. ;) ) And that is the reason why this morning I was in the War Cemetery here, near Assisi. I'd never been in there before, it's such a beautiful place - kind of a strange thing to say about a cemetery, isn't it? But it's really true. During the commemorative ceremony taking place there, several letters were read aloud - all letters written by prisoners sentenced to death for their activity in (or in favour of) the Resistance Movement, for their loved ones - parents, sons, daughter, spouses. There was one of them that struck me the most, so once I got home I tracked it down - and here it is. (In Italian, sorry about that. ^^; Haven't even got the time to contemplate translating it right now!)

Paolo Braccini - docente universitario - 36 anni

3-04-1944, Torino

Gianna, mia figlia adorata,

è la prima ed ultima lettera che ti scrivo e scrivo a te per prima, in queste ultime ore, perché so che seguito a vivere in te. Sarò fucilato all’alba, per un ideale, per una fede che tu, figlia mia, un giorno capirai appieno.

Non piangere mai per la mia mancanza, come non ho mai pianto io: )

ETA: now with the English translation! Cor, but I had a serious Roland moment writing this.

Paolo Braccini - university teacher - 36 years old

3-04-1944, Turin

Gianna, my beloved daughter,

this is the first and last letter I'm writing you and I'm writing to you first, in these last hours, because I know I will keep on living in you. I will be shot at dawn, for a ideal, for a faith that you, my daughter, one day will understand in full.

Never cry for my abstence, just like I never cried myself: )
"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. . . those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."


For the most part, this LJ has been for me a place to ramble in, talk nonsense, and just plain escapism. Every now and then, though, I need it to stop being so - and this might possibly be the most important of these occasions.

I need you - all of you - to do me a favor. Go to that website. Read what it has to say. Spread the word. And please, do it right now - especially if you're anything like me, telling yourself "oh, this sounds important, I'll save it and read it when I can give it more attention", and then I leave it be for months. I found out about this myself just a few days ago, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that reading that was remarkably close to getting a punch in the stomach. It's just-- thinking that people allowed for THAT to happen makes me the angriest that I've been in a long, long time.

I am sure there are much better ways to promote the website - scratch that, I know there are - and I'm possibly making kind of a mess of this entry, but-- you know, everything else I might have in my mind is literally swamped by the urgency to have people see this and know about this. There is hardly any other way to describe Attachment Therapy other than torture and abuse, inflicted on children, who had no way to say no or defend themselves.

From the website itself:

For any other survivor who might read this: please, please contact me. I want this site to be many things, but first a foremost a place for you. Hopefully we can come together and fight this. At the very least, we can create awareness, because the vast majority of people still have no idea what “attachment therapy” is, and I maintain enough faith in humanity to think that if they know about this kind of torture done in the name of healing and science, they will react appropriately. Attachment therapy has not been stopped, it has only been driven deeper underground, often practiced by unlicensed therapists and ignorant parental guardians.
Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] penhaligonblue! :D

Oh, you're such a sweet, kind, lovely girl. I hope you will have the best of days years, and everything you wish for. :D


Okay. Am I the only one to find slightly ironic, not to say a contradiction in terms, that in order to bring people to save energy (which is a good and sensible thing to do), they're having lots of concerts all around the place? Because, I mean, big concerts are kind of an energy-hoover. Oh well.

And anyway, since I've broached the subject anyway, saving up is made of - )


...no, honestly. I do the HP Fake Spoiler Meme Of Doom and what do I get?

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Sirius Black is killed by Remus Lupin after doing battle with an evil dragon
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom



ETA: Okay. The latest news on the yahoo.it portal is that JKR cried for Harry Potter. I HOPE someone notify them of some other big news right now, because I'm coming very short of covering half the screen with my hand, the next time I have to check my yahoo email. God, there's so very little else that gets on my nerves like something of that kind...
...I trust everyone of you knows everything already, but for those who, like me, are on the other side of the ocean and woke up not too long ago:


I am not friendslocking anything neither deleting any interest (because I don't see a reason to. I haven't been doing anything wrong, so you can bet I'm most likely not going to back up - and if some interests of mine hurt the prudes, it's their problem), but just in case: I'm also on GJ, still under kasche.

ETA: ...okay, so this might just be my snarky/bitchy side coming up, but I wonder if I might be suspended for using this icon? :P (Don't answer seriously - I'm obviously joking. You know, just in case.)
"People are dying because they're alone, or because they got themselves into a game way bigger than them. People often die because they don't have the necessary alliances, because they're without support. In Sicily the mafia hits the State's servants that the State hasn't been able to protect."

Giovanni Falcone
Holocaust memorial day - here, Giorno della Memoria.

I could have quoted If Not Now, When?, and I was tempted - until I remembered rereading another one of Primo Levi's books, and lingering for quite a while on its preface. So, the preface it is.

News of the concentration camps first began to spread in the crucial year of 1942. It was only vague news, but consistent nevertheless: they outlined a slaughter with so wide proportions, such a driven cruelty, such tangled motivations, that the public tended to reject them because of their own enormity. It's significant to notice how this refusal had been anticipated in large advance by the culprits themselves; many survivors (amongst others, Simon Wiesenthal in the last pages of The Murderers Among Us) remember how SS storm troopers had fun cynically taunting the inmates: "However this war may end, we have won the war against you; none of you will be left to bear witness, even if someone were to survive, the world will not believe him. There will perhaps be suspicions, discussions, research by historians, but there will be no certainties, because we will destroy the evidence together with you. And even if some proof should remain and some of you survive, people will say that the events are too monstrous to be believed; they will say that they are the exaggerations of Allied propaganda and will believe us, who will deny everything, and not you. We will be the ones to dictate the history of the Lagers."

Primo Levi, The Drowned and the Saved.

Quanto al testo originale:

Le prime notizie sui campi d’annientamento nazisti hanno cominciato a diffondersi nell’anno cruciale 1942. Erano notizie vaghe, tuttavia tra loro concordi: delineavano una strage di proporzioni così vaste, di una crudeltà così spinta, di motivazioni così intricate, che il pubblico tendeva a rifiutarle per la loro stessa enormità. È significativo come questo rifiuto fosse stato previsto con ampio anticipo dagli stessi colpevoli; molti sopravvissuti (tra gli altri, Simon Wiesenthal nelle ultime pagine di Gli assassini sono fra noi, Garzanti, Milano 1970) ricordano che i militi delle SS si divertivano ad ammonire cinicamente i prigionieri: "In qualunque modo questa guerra finisca, la guerra contro di voi l’abbiamo vinta noi; nessuno di voi rimarrà per portare testimonianza, ma se anche qualcuno scampasse, il mondo non gli crederà. Forse ci saranno sospetti, discussioni, ricerche di storici, ma non ci saranno certezze, perché noi distruggeremo le prove insieme con voi. E quando anche qualche prova dovesse rimanere,e qualcuno di voi sopravvivere, la gente dirà che i fatti che voi raccontate sono troppo mostruosi per essere creduti: dirà che sono esagerazioni della propaganda alleata, e crederà a noi, che negheremo tutto, e non a voi. La storia dei Lager saremo noi a dettarla."

Primo Levi, I sommersi e i salvati, prefazione.
Ooooooo-kay - I've got a few things to say/pimp.

First of all - [livejournal.com profile] hpqfac! Thanks go to Ni for linking it, I'd managed to miss all the talk about the Quills for Charity HP fest. :P Taken from the website itself:

The Harry Potter Quills for a Cause project is a charitable event that uses the production of fanfiction and fanart to raise money for HIV/AIDS research and prevention.

Just as charity marathons have both runners and sponsors, HP QfaC will have both writers/artists and sponsors who pledge to donate based on the amount of creative work produced during the event. For more information on participation in the event, please read the pages for creators and sponsors.

All funds raised by HP QfaC will go directly* to amfAR, a non-profit organization dedicated to HIV/AIDS research, prevention, and education.

*_ meaning that it's the sponsors themselves who will make the donation. Money will NOT pass through any other hands. 

Yes, I'm in too, since... four-five minutes ago. Now, if you can and if you want to, DO SPONSOR ME! :D


Now that that is out of the way, there are two pieces I absolutely want would like you to go, squee upon, and comment to.

[livejournal.com profile] jadis31, who drew such a cute Remus,

♥ and [livejournal.com profile] nassima, who did James and Lily for me. Aren't they just that adorable? :D

I want to thank again [livejournal.com profile] greenspine and [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r, too! They gave me a yellow rose and a glass of (I'm quoting) darkliquid. :D You know what I mean when I say that I wasn't expecting that, like, at all? :D

I died in the Dungeon of Kasche

I was killed in a crumbling corridor by Miraminx the owlbear, whilst carrying...

the Dagger of Fusei, the Armour of Orgueilestrange, the Shield of a Fallen Sister, the Sword of Akira, the Shield of Mwpp, the Crown of Eleish, the Shield of Jibrillehilbert, the Sword of Last Radio, the Amulet of Chocolate, the Crown of Ladyjaida, the Wand of Cathybites and 155 gold pieces.

Score: 165

Explore the Dungeon of Kasche and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Funniest shit ever. I mean, look. Look!

Save the Net

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