During my lunch break (break from what, I wonder) I was looking at the theater's program for this year.

The description to one of the plays starts this way: "Gabriele Lavia, one of the most prestigious voices of the Italian theater, ..."

I didn't even finish the first sentence, that I had already decided I wanted to see the play. Probably I would have thought of going anyway, since I never saw Moliere's "The Miser" and I'm curious, but still.

Is it even possible to have a voice fetish?

ETA: I'm oddly productive, lately. I wonder how long this will last. But anyway, I wrote a new hp100 drabble. Feel more than free to review. XD
I joined the angst-fest for the [livejournal.com profile] hp100's challenge, with Frozen. And there's Afterward, too. I hope you'll like them.
Now, Sere, please don't get mad at me and don't try to bite my head off. Really. Because after reading some fics that I liked really a lot (thanks Daddy XD), a ficlet found his way out. Completely of its own mind, I assure you, but.. I didn't have the heart to send it away! Even if it is a SS/HP..
[livejournal.com profile] gothikmaus, can I count on your opinion? ^^"

SS/HP, Untitled )

There. Just an attempt.
Time for a little game.. Below there's a drabble. The contents are not important, it's more of a "style exercise". Writing it I used some tricks (limitations, shall we say) and I challenge you to find them. There are two to pick up.

Untitled, still )

A hint: it's not important the number of words. Try to listen for the rhythm, look through the lines. Come on, it's not that difficult.. *grin*

Yes, I'm sick and I have time to waste. Actually I don't, but I know it sounds like I do. But this idea kept nagging at my mind since when Emanuele made me listen one of Tool's songs.. And if anyone knows them, I've said too much.
(Anyway, it's strange how he immediately translated the group's name in, well, cock. When I didn't think of it at all. Soothing to see I'm not the one who "double-mean" everything, even if someone else tells me otherwise at least once a day. =P)
Some 100 words drabbles, obviously out of any challenge.. I had some ideas that I just had to work out. In a way or another. Not always good. ^^"
This is about.. well, it's quite clear, I think. The first thing to come to my mind has been Remus' speech, then I wrote the context. Hm.. Remus says I make him always play nasty roles.. ^^"

First words )

The second one came out of nowhere, really. I had a character in mind when I wrote part of this, probably something in the text may give it away, I don't know.
I don't like it, though.

One hundred )

It turned out quite weak and quite different from what I wanted it to be, so I'll just say it's not my best. Oh, and it IS 100 words. Count well. XD
This is the last one. It almost wrote itself, right after I saw Final Destination (trite film, btw. But the ending is funny.. XD) It actually has little to do with the film..

Untitled )

I think it was vaguely inspired by whatshisname, the bully.. (I mentally call him Jack, since the actor is the same as in Dawson's Creek. Funny that there he was gay. ^^") In the Potterverse, I don't know who it could be.. At first I thought of Sirius, but the piece is too bitter. To be Draco, it's too soft. Who, then? Any idea?
I wrote some drabbles for [livejournal.com profile] hp100, they're here, but I don't like them.. as always, in my mind the idea seemed good enough, but putting it in words is another story entirely..! I'll do better next time. I hope. ^^"
Two little drabbles.

Void )

I posted the second one on [livejournal.com profile] hp100 and it turned out a bit.. "angry", it seems.. ^^"

Rage )



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