And let's not talk about the fact that we want said noise to have a Gaussian distribution of probability, whose graphic -

- looks like a penis.

We're all such a bunch of perverts.


May. 4th, 2006 09:58 pm
Apparently, eating junk food in not really healthy quantities makes little boils pop up on your tongue. I have one on the very tip. It keeps hitting my teeth every time I talk... but don't presume it's forcing me to talk less. It just makes me come out with random "Eeee the boil" while we're talking of, say, programs for image restoration, or schedules, or 'you know that Simpsons episode?' I've already made Matteo burst out laughing twice. *is proud*

For the record, no, I don't actually live to make others laugh. :P

Even though...

Changing subject, I found very very amusing the fact that the most used test image (as far as I know) for image restoration programs (i.e., programs developed to remove (or at least diminish) eventual degradations, that might be due to errors during the image acquisition process itself (f.i., incorrect lens adjustment) or during its transmission (the so-called noise). Yes, I find the subject captivating. No, I'm not being sarcastic.) is a cover of one of the first Playboy magazines.

Very very amused.

*rereads* I'm tempted to ask you whether you tremble in fear any time you see me opening a bracket. Can you still remember what I was talking about, once I manage to close it all of them?

Would anyone possibly know of somewhere online where there is Amartya Sen's "The impossibilty of a Paretian Liberal"?

No, eh? :P

Y'know, just in case... ;D I'll try another community next, and tomorrow the uni's library. :P
I'm attending a class right now - learning to use CoCoA, actually, and the professor has just shared a joke with us. (Yes, the same professor who told us the hot-air-balloon one. Yes, you can take this as your cue to leave, if you want. :P) Anyway, it seems that - in Canada, at least - another possible interpretation for IBM is Invented By Murphy. Yes, that Murphy. Yeah, that made me laugh. :P
Pi univocamente determinati da I, primi associati a I


It's awfully easy to distract me, don't you know.

All right, back to my little spot in the library...



So, earlier today we collected the material for the seminary. Books found, photocopies done, I was browsing through them when a word caught my attention, and my eye fell on a phrase.

Homosexual behaviour between consenting adults is probably a classic example of an action affecting no one else, and therefore should be exempt from social control.

Kenneth J. Arrow, Collected Papers vol I, page 67

I think I'll have one hell of a lot of fun studying these things.

Needless to say, I'm liking this man already - despite the fact that he wrote a shitload of articles/books.

It's very sad (and rather embarrassing) when the ex-colleague of your mum's you've never met only knows you by the photo another ex-colleague put up on the notice-board, twenty years ago, photo where you were only one and where, while your face didn't show since you had your back turned to the viewer, your naked butt was very very clear. :P
For the Decisions Theory class (NO COMMENT) a couple of girls and I are about to prepare a mini-seminary about Arrow's Impossibility Theorem.

The professor put it to us like "The theorem basically says that the only voting method that isn't flawed is a dictatorship".

On other accounts, yesterday my rl bestestestestest friend got her degree! Actually, I was meant to be inside the classroom too, to listen to her debating her degree thesis, but they switched her turn at the last moment, so that from fourth/fifth she went in first. Damn. If only I hadn't had to go to the doctor before. On the other hand, I was right in time for celebrating. Being drunk at 4:00 in the afternoon is so decadent. I like it.

Gaaah, I'm behind with replies/entries like mad! Sorry about that, I'll try to catch up as soon as I can. :(

Little Shiny (literally) Request: Oh Mighty People who inhabitate the lj world and happen to stumble here, wouldn't you happen to have read some good Cedric/Oliver fics? You know, I wouldn't be particularly adverse to nc17 stuff. Not at all. In fact, I have absolutely nothing against pwps. :P

Advices? Recs? Anyone?

ETA: Ooooh! I'm in Texas and I've got an island! :P
If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.

What are these called again? Understatements, I believe? ;P

On other accounts, classes started again today. I have my first two this afternoon - 14:00 - 18:00 no stop. Joy. :P

And I once again have no time to do anything. Damn damn damn. But said in a very phlegmatic way. (Hey, it's Monday. It's also almost noon, I know, but it's still Monday. One doesn't get too worked up on Monday mornings.)

Love you all.

ETA: I am abnormally unreactive and not-functional even for a Monday morning, though. Upon slow meditation, I may impute that on the cold I've woken up with yesterday. My head does feel all sort of cotton wool-ish. Not a completely bad feeling, though.



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