- except that, you know? The city I live in is beautiful, the air is still warm, and I'm the happiest I've been in years. *inhales deeply and lets it out*

(And, well, usually on LJ there's little enough happiness to go by that I felt it worth the mention. ;) )

(Nope, no man involved - though, you know. It's not like I'd mind if a good one passed by. ♥)

OH AND. For once I followed the link to one of Amazon UK's promotional emails*, and my eye happened upon this.

It's a trimmer. I mean, it is. It says right so on the bottom. So WHY at a first - admittedly very very short, until I stopped and went to look back and saw that uh, no, I was wrong, whoops - glance it looked like SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY? My mind is in the gutter. It is. I know. I should just suck up and accept the fact, I guess. ;P

* Er. *scratches head* Does anyone around here own an ebook reader? I'm still at the stage when I'm "thinking about it", and, I don't know. Any type I should avoid, which one gives value for its money, etc...?
ARGH! Few things are as frustrating as wanting to draw and not being able to. Where by "not being able to" I mean physically not not being able to - like, in the "I work on that thing for ages and it still isn't any closer to being done than it was the day before" kind of way. That is... not nice. Currently I have in the works - *counts* - five pictures, I think. (the first illustration for livelongnmarry included.) Three of which are kind of urgent.

Did I mention how Not Nice all this is?

Especially when this kind of mood has been dragging on for days.

(I gave a glance at the prompts for [livejournal.com profile] barefootboys and [livejournal.com profile] nest_of_spiders, and I do have a couple ideas, but at this rate I'd better concentrate on what I have at hand already... jeez.)

Okay! That was all from Whiny McWhinerson, as I hear it called. ;D What's up with you? ♥

...and since Sunday at lunchtime there is a big ETA to be added, since, of course, when I sit down to try and draw my least favorite pairing it comes off with the littlest bit of drama on the second panel. WHY IS THAT, I WANT TO KNOW.

(Yep. That means art will be posted in the next few minutes.)

Oh well!
(Going to class after a two-hours night sleep might not have been my smartest idea yet.)
And let's not talk about the fact that we want said noise to have a Gaussian distribution of probability, whose graphic -

- looks like a penis.

We're all such a bunch of perverts.


May. 4th, 2006 09:58 pm
Apparently, eating junk food in not really healthy quantities makes little boils pop up on your tongue. I have one on the very tip. It keeps hitting my teeth every time I talk... but don't presume it's forcing me to talk less. It just makes me come out with random "Eeee the boil" while we're talking of, say, programs for image restoration, or schedules, or 'you know that Simpsons episode?' I've already made Matteo burst out laughing twice. *is proud*

For the record, no, I don't actually live to make others laugh. :P

Even though...

Changing subject, I found very very amusing the fact that the most used test image (as far as I know) for image restoration programs (i.e., programs developed to remove (or at least diminish) eventual degradations, that might be due to errors during the image acquisition process itself (f.i., incorrect lens adjustment) or during its transmission (the so-called noise). Yes, I find the subject captivating. No, I'm not being sarcastic.) is a cover of one of the first Playboy magazines.

Very very amused.

*rereads* I'm tempted to ask you whether you tremble in fear any time you see me opening a bracket. Can you still remember what I was talking about, once I manage to close it all of them?
Just the shortest note to say:

Dear C++,
I hate you a lot right now.

No love,



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