Jun. 2nd, 2008

These past week two-three days has been quite the tour de force - on Sunday I had the wedding of one of my BFF (the same one I went to visit last summer, for those of you keeping track), and on the same day I (technically) also had my little cousin's Confirmation. Who lives near Florence. Clearly skipped the latter, but my aunt&uncle decided to have the Big Lunch w/t Relatives today - so yes, that means I just got back from there. ;)

...and I should probably work on updating the masterlist, but I don't quite have the strength yet ;P

Instead, what do you get? Even MORE Dark Tower prattle! Wolves of the Calla + (beginning of) Song of Susannah )

And a few words about the DT comics! )

But, if I were to be honest, what I love the absolute most about these books is the way they're making me feel, fandom-wise. Now I truly realize how HP has spoiled me silly. :P I mean - I adoren both Liquor and Torchwood, but I've never felt the fandom-lure much for those. With the Liquor books in particular - every thing I might have liked to see about Rickey and G-man was right there! Oh, granted, it's not like I don't want more - I always will - but I want Poppy telling the tale. ;P I probably would read fanfiction if there ever was, even just because I'm curious as a monkey, but I would take my sweet time in getting around to it. But with the Dark Tower, for the first time in (literally) years, I finally feel again the hunger for fics. It exploded on me with The Waste Lands and Bert&Alain - secondary characters, entirely different personalities, making Sparks together. I needed fanfiction . And I needed it BADLY.

...except that there seems to be absolutely NO FANFICTION WHATSOEVER. D: Oh, I could find a few, and Jo recced me some (I NEED MY DEALER BACK, DAMMIT), but we're talking about three, four stories. (I mean. 4 stories. I come from a pairing which numbers fanfictions by the hundreds.) There might be a few more, but I'm not braving yet those without a mention of which book they are set into, in the header, as I really don't want to risk getting spoiled. Oh, how I love that [livejournal.com profile] after_the_king exists. I even went back to Fanfiction.net! Fanfiction.net! You clearly understand my desperate state.

And since I very much do not want to have to start writing fanfiction myself, I make one last desperate try:

(If you will make that Bert/Alain, you will also have me on my knees.)

(...no, NOT LIKE THAT! You pervs.)

ETA: *looks up*


All right, I guess this is what happens when the only people I can talk DT with are all the way out of the(ir) country. :P



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