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Yep. I amuse myself something silly. Whether I actually amuse other people is more or less secondary, I'm afraid.

Note for non-Discworld fans and other aliens: that's a... well, a Pterry thing. The one about Granny and Borrowing. I love that man so bloody much.

ANYWAY! Yes, I'm alive. ...and I'm going to have to get rid of the seasonal icons, ain't I. Ahem. I uploaded them in a burst of optimism and, er, never quite got to use them? Things have surely gone much differently from what I'd expected - well, from what I'd hoped, at any rate. Couple of family emergencies - not going into detail because it's not worth it, I promise - which, while not being much in terms of danger and suchlike (NOT THAT YOU'D HEAR ME COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT), did mean I was out of the house a lot. Like. A lot. Couple that with the fact that there's sleeping time to factor in (and I love sleeping time very, very much), and it might result in the Bruni fading away - at least as far as the internets were concerned. Not to mention me bailing out on a few commitments, couple of fests included, and BOY am I sorry about that -

- but I liked the prompts too much to let them be, and while I hadn't got around to finish the submissions, I HAD started them. So. You know. Not all hope's quite lost yet. :D

Besides that, while I was hopping from one journal to the other (the good old flist being more or less USELESS on that regard, seriously, it's like taking out seawater of the ocean with a spoon. Or keeping me away from chocolate) I've been seeing the usual Resolution Setting game going on - okay, so the journal hopping might have happened last week, but the concept stands. Seeing people promising themselves they were going to improve, take better care of themselves, love themselves more, do this, do that, I think I might be joining in.

My Very Serious Resolution for the new year

Finish catching up with the Discworld series before I turn 25 again.

It might be worth mentioning that audiobooks count (oh, the way they raise your desire to do the housework, it's kind of unbelievable - I do remember laughing my head off at Pterry's rewriting of the Iliad (or was it the Odissey?) while literally embracing the toilet*), that the Discworld For Younger Adults series does not, and that I have one (audio)book and a half left to listen to. I also have apparently more problems with being 26 than I did with being 25. ;P

(Relatively speaking, that. In all honesty, that was the first time I ever actually thought about the subject. :D)

* I WAS CLEANING IT. You know. In case you were wondering.

What? Wasn't I supposed to play it to my strengths? :P At least that's one resolution I'm reasonably sure to fullfill. ;) Happy New Year, everyone! (And a happy happy and very very belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] remeciel and [livejournal.com profile] zoesmith, too!!)

ETA: Eeeek, I forgot to mention that apparently someone nominated my Snarry Games piece at the [livejournal.com profile] forbiddenawards! O_O My category is The Overexposed Award (Best Fandom Art): Fandom art created not for a specific story, but for general use. I have more or less no hope whatsoever to win it, not looking at the competition, but that someone nominated me to begin with is already brilliant enough, I say :D Whoever that was, thank you! ♥
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