Jan. 7th, 2008

Oh, don't groan - you knew this was coming. :P

So, I've seen the at-reviews doing the rounds again - and I am totally not any better at answering those questions than I was last year, so I am, once again, asking you if you would fill it for me. (Also because your opinion is slightly more relevant than mine. Plus, I'm curious.) Answer with anything I can recognize - though the pic title would be a favorite. ;D

I'd had in mind to do a gallery over on the LJ Scrapbook, actually - but it kept fighting with my Firefox, at home, so in the end I just added another tag. ;) It's probably easier that way, too, since I don't have all the images uploaded on the scrapbook. Funny thing is that even though I have the feeling I haven't drawn much (there are so many pictures I'm behind on, you have no idea), I've still got 42 entries labelled art and dated 2007. Some of which have got more than one pic. Wow.

[Poll #1116974]

(AND AND AND - [livejournal.com profile] yuletart has started posting! Go and watch and comment! :D)



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