May. 5th, 2008

First of all, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth last weekend! :O It's just that, er, we've had a little problem with the internet. (Just to be, you know, original. We never have problems with computers in general. *facepalm*) It turns out that when, last January, Dad finally got around to transfer our telephone subscription's contract from grampas's name to his, the company reactivated automatically the DSL line - but dad had to explicitly ask again for the same rate we had before.

Which he didn't.

...I never thought I'd be glad we had the "night & weekend" rate - which allows you to navigate as much as you want during the weekend and at night, while falling back to the default rate if you navigate on workdays.

We don't know yet how high the next bill will be, but if we had had the "flat" rate - navigation ad libitum at every time of the day for a fixed price, instead of just at night & on the weekend - it would probably have been three times as high. ;P

See? There's always the good side... ;)

(And one more good side is that I managed to finish my [ profile] rs_games submissions (two of them, LAST TIME I sign up for two instead of just one) with a day to spare! :P Well, two, as it turns out. I'll be sure to try and put them to good use. *g* )


"You will never get a boy who, at night, is right in the middle of an engaging story, you will never get him to understand, witha demonstration limited just to the boy himself, that he has to stop reading and go to sleep."

It's Kafka writing this in his diary, the little Franz, whose dad would much have preferred seeing him spend all his life's nights doing sums.

So, I bought this book I totally loved. [tl;dr like WOAH.] )



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