Aug. 9th, 2008

But before we get into that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] mindabbles! ...and a HAPPY (though belated) ONE TO [ profile] thieving_gypsy AS WELL! ♥♥♥

So, in some scraps of free time, I've been catching up with some stories from the [ profile] rs_games HA HA, AS IF. Nope, I've been making the excel sheet I berated myself for not doing during round 1, when it came to putting together the stats. Fact is, the other day I did sit down to save all the entries posted so far, meaning to do just that. Catching up, I mean. (Honestly, it's just ridiculous - and not in a fun way - that I keep receiving such wonderful comments and I have yet to give anything in return. Masterlist aside, okay, I know that, but it's not the same.) The most work I've done on them, though, has been moving all the data relative to them on Excel, doing all the averages and head counts and such. ;)

It's also good that I did that, because hi, I had not realized that so many entries used two prompts and not just one. I'm afraid more often than not my eye stopped at the first sign, without rereading the description and thus not noticing there was a second one. Whoops. I think I got them all now, but it might be safer to ask the people on my team to give it a look over... Even if each checked just their own, it would be great. ;D

I've also been keeping track of the word count (MS Word, thank you), and guess what, I got the feeling that several stories varied between 1500 and 2000 words. The actual (current) average turned out to be higher, a little over 6000 words - but it might have been because of the couple monsters we've had, of 20000+ and 40000+ words. ;D (The 40000+ one I've actually read! I have yet to comment on it, mostly because I don't know how much to say. What I'd really love to do would be a very long and very detailed comment, there were a few points I wanted to talk about - except that "talk" presumes an other person that can talk back. Which she can't yet. ;) So I might write a shorter one, and add the rest after the reveals? Mmmh, I wonder, I wonder...)

Ah! One last thing. As I already mentioned, I've been saving all the entries of the Games, and I'm planning to put together a very simple, entirely offline archive, for my own use. (Likely using my and [ profile] crooked's already coded lists. ;) ) Would anyone be interested in a copy? It'd take me no time to make a zip folder and upload it, the second round section would probably be done shortly after the posting is done. Oh well, I could zip it and upload it in any case, it's not like it'd make much of a difference to me. :P

Have I won the prize for Less Interesting Entry yet?



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