Aug. 24th, 2008

I want to play basketball.

I've just seen the basketball finals, and it was one of the most beautiful matches I've ever seen. I just. I'm still galvanized BEYOND BELIEF. And I really want to play sports again - I haven't done anything since high school, and I guess I kind of miss it. I'm not really much of a sportsy person in general, though, and I'm not talking professional - haha, god no* - but as I was watching our volleyball matches, these days past, I felt the strong hitch to touch ball again and oh good grief that phrase didn't come out right at all. Anyway. Swimming or volleyball would likely be the obvious choices, since I know them best (dude, I've played volleyball on and off for years) and like them fine, but I kinda want to do something new. Like basketball, say. ;D

...except that I couldn't be more out of shape if I tried, so I'd better do some gym (hahaha, that worked out SO WELL last winter), or some swimming beforehand - oh WHO AM I KIDDING, I'll talk and talk and not do anything in the end. Still, it'd be nice.

It was VERY VERY SAD not being able to watch my own basketball national team playing, though :( But I guess not eating my liver out with every (and I do mean every) match was nice.

I guess.


(The really bad thing about our team is that we tend to adapt too much to our opponents. :( If we're playing against a great teams we're capable of doing brilliant things, but if the adversaries are mediocre then the match is mediocre. D: Either way, we always end up losing or winning by a handful of points, and let me tell you that's not good for the health.)

(I love my boys anyway, though. ♥)

P.S.: totally unrelated, but I've just seen on my flist a link to a post with icons from Jane Austen's History of England. Man do I love that woman. :D

*The only time I came close was in elementary school. The instructor in the swimming pool I used to go to wanted me to do competitions. I couldn't say no fast enough, or enough times. :P At the time I was dead sure that (a) I wouldn't have won - meaning I would have come up not second but last, or second to last at best - and (b) that they asked it of anyone who took their courses long enough, so there was no particular meaning to the request., turns out? It didn't actually work that way. Whoops.



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