Aug. 25th, 2008

Oh, boy.

Aug. 25th, 2008 11:52 am
I have only just discovered the "read aloud" function on Acrobat Reader.

You have no idea the kind of stuff I've been making it read.

There is something about hearing it say "He just does me right, man" that had me in tears. ♥

And now, something of a rec :) This article is very, very old - I didn't even have a LJ back then, go figure. But I was already stalking Kimagure like it was my job, and so I stumbled on (and saved) this: Reacting to constructive crits.

I found myself agreeing with it quite a lot - and I found myself thinking back to it when I got my own concrits, years later. And who knows, it might be interesting for other people as well. :3

Aaaaah! Oona reminded me - I haven't been talking about the Olympics in here much, but I have been following them, and.

Matthew Mitcham.

I missed all his dives, when I switched on the tv he had just found out he'd won the gold medal, and the parade of hugs started., is it just me, or it really looked like he gave happy hugs to the girls, yes, but it was the boys he actually clung to like an octopus? On top of that, there was this pretty guy he was hugging that also gave Matthew a kiss on the cheek, and aw.

My little slashy heart. So happy, it was. ♥ ♥ ♥
- dad found it I don't even know where, and here I am sharing it. :D

A few people on my flist have been feeling down lately, for various reasons. I hope this'll help make you relax and smile, at least a little ;) Parts 1+2! )

Also, keeping up with the sportsy theme from the previews entry, a NWS pic that )



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