Sep. 24th, 2008

(Ani posted a recap of the first [ profile] pencilslingers' challenge! :D You can see it here - and it's got links to art by [ profile] ani_bester, [ profile] glockgal, [ profile] yorufukagawa and me. ♥)

(Also - I'm getting kind of tired of ICanHas, mostly because most caps now tend to look all the same and not really funny, but when I stumbled on this cap this morning I had my first autentic (ICHC) laugh in quite a while. *g* (and this one SO reminded me of Monkey Island 1.) )

...this is a weird entry, I know it is, but. Er. Would you happen to have a good recipe for french toast? And/or pancakes? It's just... I'm curious to make them, and I know I'd probably found a thousand recipes around, but... I don't know, I tend to be instictively wary of those. :P So, anyone with a trusted recipe to share? ♥
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] nassima! Hope you're having a SPLENDID day! <3333333333

On other accounts, I've just learned on the news that Gomorrah will represent us at the Academy Awards - and oh boy, I couldn't be happier. ♥ Roberto Saviano, who wrote the (strictly non-fiction) book the movie is based on, and whose subtitle is "Journey through the economical empire and dream of domination of the camorra", has been living (has had to live) with a permanent police escort for at least two years, I think. That's how serious his accusation was, and the kind of courage he showed by writing about the reality he knows, and going through with it.



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