First off-- I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER. Omg, thank you SO MUCH for all the well wishes (and the beautiful moments *g*) you sent me yesterday! ♥♥♥ And THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on the last entry - I'd meant to answer them tonight, actually. What I said to myself was: keep on posting the stuff you're behind on first! There, now get around to finishing the [ profile] livelongnmarry page you've had half done for aaaages, upload it, post it, and then get to the rest.

I finished uploading it now, and I still haven't been able to tweak things around in order to show the larger version still. *sigh* But I really want to get it out of the way, so:

Yeah, I've decided not to post the original pictures here, or on any other blog and suchlike. There are reasons - but honestly, my eyelids keep sliding down on their own right now. :P I'll either edit it tomorrow, or expand on the matter next time I post one of the LLNM drawings. ;) The postings will be periodical - twice a month at least, I think, possibly always on the same day, but I have to decide which yet. Depending on when I actually get a, well, chance to. ^^;

Incidentally, that's also - more or less - the look my website is going to have, once I go back to working on it again :P More or less, anyway. How does that look?

Good night! LOVE Y'ALL! <333333333

Title: Oh, please
Characters: Harry & Draco. ...what? :P
Rating: G


Title: I'm no Superman
Rating: G
Characters: the whole crew! L to R, Peter, James, Remus and Sirius.
Notes: For my Nuri bday! ♥ Also, title from Scrubs' "signature song". Got this draftbunny when I was listening to it. ;)


Title: Diablo Rojo
Rating: G
Fandom: hahahaha. :D Surprise!
Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOU :O Also, if you don't recognize him I'm probably going to cry. (Okay, not really.)

Title: Confucius say dumbshit
Rating: G
Fandom: Liquorverse
Characters: Rickey and Paco!

[Surprise!] - G - Confucius say dumbshit )

Happy happy happy birthday, darling. Seriously. I LOVE YOU. Now you'd better go, relax and let other people work instead, so that you can concentrate on having the best day possible, Y'HEAR ME?

Hello! Why yes, finally I've got internet at home again - so I can start catching up at least a bit on all the comments/emails (duh) that I owe. And they're many. Like, many. I'm not even going to take a look at my DA account. But! In the meanwhile, the [ profile] yuletart reveals have gone up, so I can at least link you there. :D

Title: Yes?
Rating:: G
Fandom: Discworld: The Colour of Magic
Characters: Rincewind
Warnings: Nothing, it's perfectly worksafe.
Artist notes: On the background, I've used Arabesque Brushes. And Coell! I hope you'll like it, sweets!



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