Sep. 13th, 2008 10:32 pm
My co-chef, co-marauder and wholly adored [ profile] jou is taking commissions! Because you see, as it turns out, she's not just a wonderful person - she's also an AWESOME ARTIST.

I mean - do you remember the Hayseed I linked to, a while ago? Have you seen her Charlie? Her preparatory sketches for The Misters (I love those way, way too much)? It's Beautiful, Tom, Thomas and cat? And that's only some of my favorites! I'm not just pimping the hell out of her - I adore the hell out of her. ;D And when you see her works, I'm sure enough you'll understand why I do! ♥

Check her out! *g*
...I think it might be time to change the modem/router. It's not good when you have to turn it off every quarter of hour because it overheats and shuts itself down, right...? And of course this happens on the one night with some decent online time available... oh well.

ANYWAY - omg am I excited about [ profile] snarry_games. ♥ Oh, this is going to be fun - and I'm seeing some pretty awesome things already! Believe me, you have a right to expect awesome things from our team *g*

OH AND AND AND. [ profile] yuletart - multi-fandom holiday fanart gift exchange - is starting again! I've only been glancing at the FAQ, I'll read it more throughly later, but I've been seeing that the girls have made some changes to the rule that I really, really like. Like Fandom Nominations: before signing up starts, the participants get to nominate up to five fandoms each or "second" the ones already there. I remember how worried I was, last year, as I was compiling my form. I had no idea of which of the fandoms I was listing was just rare, or flat out obscure. ;D

So, you'll be surprised (HAHAHA) to hear that two fandoms I really want to nominate are the Liquorverse (yep, the books by Poppy Z. Brite - the ones you've heard me mention again and again and again...) and The Dark Tower. Now, I was wondering - is there any artist on my flist who would back me up on either of them? Pretty please? ♥♥♥
Hahaha, reveals have been up for a while, haven't they... I have yet to update both masterlist (and take off the sign on my lj's main page, it doesn't make much sense anymore), but I thought that I'd better link to my submission first. ;P And answer your comments, too! A collective OMGWTFBBQTHANKYOU is so very much in order, before I get back to all of you. I just. ♥♥♥♥♥

Title: The Last Answer
Characters: Sirius. Then Remus. Then Sirius again. And so on...
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: men kissing, but nothing else.
Summary: About mending, taking risks, and second chances.
Notes: This is dedicated to all of my friends — for being there when I whine, for making me laugh when I need it (because, let's be honest, you always do need it), for laughing at my own (often fairly lame) jokes, for the shameless squeefacing, for the silly chatter, the deep discussions, the patience, the love. Thank you. So, so much. ♥

- dad found it I don't even know where, and here I am sharing it. :D

A few people on my flist have been feeling down lately, for various reasons. I hope this'll help make you relax and smile, at least a little ;) Parts 1+2! )

Also, keeping up with the sportsy theme from the previews entry, a NWS pic that )

Oh, boy.

Aug. 25th, 2008 11:52 am
I have only just discovered the "read aloud" function on Acrobat Reader.

You have no idea the kind of stuff I've been making it read.

There is something about hearing it say "He just does me right, man" that had me in tears. ♥

And now, something of a rec :) This article is very, very old - I didn't even have a LJ back then, go figure. But I was already stalking Kimagure like it was my job, and so I stumbled on (and saved) this: Reacting to constructive crits.

I found myself agreeing with it quite a lot - and I found myself thinking back to it when I got my own concrits, years later. And who knows, it might be interesting for other people as well. :3

Aaaaah! Oona reminded me - I haven't been talking about the Olympics in here much, but I have been following them, and.

Matthew Mitcham.

I missed all his dives, when I switched on the tv he had just found out he'd won the gold medal, and the parade of hugs started., is it just me, or it really looked like he gave happy hugs to the girls, yes, but it was the boys he actually clung to like an octopus? On top of that, there was this pretty guy he was hugging that also gave Matthew a kiss on the cheek, and aw.

My little slashy heart. So happy, it was. ♥ ♥ ♥

I want to play basketball.

I've just seen the basketball finals, and it was one of the most beautiful matches I've ever seen. I just. I'm still galvanized BEYOND BELIEF. And I really want to play sports again - I haven't done anything since high school, and I guess I kind of miss it. I'm not really much of a sportsy person in general, though, and I'm not talking professional - haha, god no* - but as I was watching our volleyball matches, these days past, I felt the strong hitch to touch ball again and oh good grief that phrase didn't come out right at all. Anyway. Swimming or volleyball would likely be the obvious choices, since I know them best (dude, I've played volleyball on and off for years) and like them fine, but I kinda want to do something new. Like basketball, say. ;D

...except that I couldn't be more out of shape if I tried, so I'd better do some gym (hahaha, that worked out SO WELL last winter), or some swimming beforehand - oh WHO AM I KIDDING, I'll talk and talk and not do anything in the end. Still, it'd be nice.

It was VERY VERY SAD not being able to watch my own basketball national team playing, though :( But I guess not eating my liver out with every (and I do mean every) match was nice.

I guess.


(The really bad thing about our team is that we tend to adapt too much to our opponents. :( If we're playing against a great teams we're capable of doing brilliant things, but if the adversaries are mediocre then the match is mediocre. D: Either way, we always end up losing or winning by a handful of points, and let me tell you that's not good for the health.)

(I love my boys anyway, though. ♥)

P.S.: totally unrelated, but I've just seen on my flist a link to a post with icons from Jane Austen's History of England. Man do I love that woman. :D

*The only time I came close was in elementary school. The instructor in the swimming pool I used to go to wanted me to do competitions. I couldn't say no fast enough, or enough times. :P At the time I was dead sure that (a) I wouldn't have won - meaning I would have come up not second but last, or second to last at best - and (b) that they asked it of anyone who took their courses long enough, so there was no particular meaning to the request., turns out? It didn't actually work that way. Whoops.
And you thought I wasn't crazy enough?

Guess what else I signed up for?

My first Games experience isn't over yet, and I've already entered my name in the [ profile] snarry_games! ;D (SIGN UP POST over here at IJ! You don't need to have an account over there to sign up, by the by.) I'm really intrigued, you know? In all my years in the HP fandom, Snarry is the only pairing other than R/S that I've read with any kind of consistency (read: checked out > 3 fanfictions), but I've never really made the leap to fanart.

And mmmh, now I really feel like reading If You Are Prepared again. ...or maybe not, considering the state it's likely to leave me in. :P And all the Remus/Sirius games fics I haven't read yet? Oh yeah, there's that too...
There is I don't know how much stuff I should rather be doing right now - comment-answering, email-replying and story-commenting just to name the first few off the top of my head - but I just went to check my flist, saw this and of course it all flies out of the window.

the disney meme


Come oooon! ♥


Aug. 13th, 2008 11:01 pm
Aw, I know you love me, even overposting and all. ;P

Because, you see, [ profile] rs_games finished posting just last Sunday! Lots of good stuff is on there - and WHY, think of coincidences, I know of a place you could use to browse through that. *g* Okay, okay, maybe I can think of two... ;)

by type, genre and prompt | by title and rating

And now, well. I did that excel sheet, I better put it to good use. ;) Especially since there's no way I'm going to have that offline archive I mentioned before voting is over.

Complete Post-Hogwarts Stats - Round 2 AND for all the games! )

And this is REALLY all! I hope you'll keep on visiting the community, and the entries that have been produced - from either team, really. But most of all, as a games participant, I really hope that you have enjoyed what you've seen. We all gave our best. ♥

Eeeeee! :D

Aug. 13th, 2008 09:29 pm
Happy birthday to [ profile] penknife and [ profile] andreanna! Two very talented ladies, who I hope have been spending a beautiful day! :D


That said, OMG THANK YOU for all the comments on the other pics! :D I'll get around to answer you all asap, but I wanted to say this straight away. ;)

...incidentally, you do know there won't be a second one, right? You know, just... well. Checking. ;D

Love you all! ♥
This is VERY much of a sketch. You're warned!


Title: Backstage
Characters: Remus and Snape. And... stuff.
Rating: G
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] snegurochka_lee's Least Favourite Character/Pairing Drabble/Drawble & Ficlet Challenge! Omg Lee, ONLY FOR YOU would I do this. Try this. Attempt this. Oh well... I apologize in advance!

ARGH! Few things are as frustrating as wanting to draw and not being able to. Where by "not being able to" I mean physically not not being able to - like, in the "I work on that thing for ages and it still isn't any closer to being done than it was the day before" kind of way. That is... not nice. Currently I have in the works - *counts* - five pictures, I think. (the first illustration for livelongnmarry included.) Three of which are kind of urgent.

Did I mention how Not Nice all this is?

Especially when this kind of mood has been dragging on for days.

(I gave a glance at the prompts for [ profile] barefootboys and [ profile] nest_of_spiders, and I do have a couple ideas, but at this rate I'd better concentrate on what I have at hand already... jeez.)

Okay! That was all from Whiny McWhinerson, as I hear it called. ;D What's up with you? ♥

...and since Sunday at lunchtime there is a big ETA to be added, since, of course, when I sit down to try and draw my least favorite pairing it comes off with the littlest bit of drama on the second panel. WHY IS THAT, I WANT TO KNOW.

(Yep. That means art will be posted in the next few minutes.)

Oh well!
But before we get into that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] mindabbles! ...and a HAPPY (though belated) ONE TO [ profile] thieving_gypsy AS WELL! ♥♥♥

So, in some scraps of free time, I've been catching up with some stories from the [ profile] rs_games HA HA, AS IF. Nope, I've been making the excel sheet I berated myself for not doing during round 1, when it came to putting together the stats. Fact is, the other day I did sit down to save all the entries posted so far, meaning to do just that. Catching up, I mean. (Honestly, it's just ridiculous - and not in a fun way - that I keep receiving such wonderful comments and I have yet to give anything in return. Masterlist aside, okay, I know that, but it's not the same.) The most work I've done on them, though, has been moving all the data relative to them on Excel, doing all the averages and head counts and such. ;)

It's also good that I did that, because hi, I had not realized that so many entries used two prompts and not just one. I'm afraid more often than not my eye stopped at the first sign, without rereading the description and thus not noticing there was a second one. Whoops. I think I got them all now, but it might be safer to ask the people on my team to give it a look over... Even if each checked just their own, it would be great. ;D

I've also been keeping track of the word count (MS Word, thank you), and guess what, I got the feeling that several stories varied between 1500 and 2000 words. The actual (current) average turned out to be higher, a little over 6000 words - but it might have been because of the couple monsters we've had, of 20000+ and 40000+ words. ;D (The 40000+ one I've actually read! I have yet to comment on it, mostly because I don't know how much to say. What I'd really love to do would be a very long and very detailed comment, there were a few points I wanted to talk about - except that "talk" presumes an other person that can talk back. Which she can't yet. ;) So I might write a shorter one, and add the rest after the reveals? Mmmh, I wonder, I wonder...)

Ah! One last thing. As I already mentioned, I've been saving all the entries of the Games, and I'm planning to put together a very simple, entirely offline archive, for my own use. (Likely using my and [ profile] crooked's already coded lists. ;) ) Would anyone be interested in a copy? It'd take me no time to make a zip folder and upload it, the second round section would probably be done shortly after the posting is done. Oh well, I could zip it and upload it in any case, it's not like it'd make much of a difference to me. :P

Have I won the prize for Less Interesting Entry yet?
(Best quote ever, by the by.)

So, I think it was last week that I walked in my favorite bookshop, planning to get that copy of Stephen King's IT that I thought I'd seen - I was curious to reread it, but my own old (Italian) copy got lost who knows where (and who knows when) - and walked out with Fahrenheit 451 instead.

Which I kind of fell in love with. )
[ profile] wild_boys! Sweetheart! Darling! Honeychild! Happy birthday! ♥♥♥

I hope you had the most beautiful, spectacular, just damn fine day. Aw, I miss you way too much, you know? And yeah, I did have a drawing I'd done for you - except that the scanner refuses to cooperate with my computer. Like. At all. But I am choosing not to let myself worry too much over the fact for the moment - and, alas, I find myself having to post something that - while being as of yet undisclosed, so I guess that might count for something - was not really targeted for you. *LONGFACE*

I'll replace/add the right one once I get the scanner working, though. :o

And after this, I think I've exhausted all the kinds of archives I could do for the fest ;P

For the moment, it obviously only has the entries for the first round; with the second Grand Reveal we will have them all. :3 I thought it made the whole archive a little more complete. Tomorrow I'll be adding links to everyone's ljs, now I don't have the strength. ;P

Enjoy! ♥

Together? I think so. )


Jul. 25th, 2008 11:44 pm
Yep, I'm back! Actually, I've been back, but I haven't been much active. Sorry about that. ^^;

But I have heard about something! This is for all of you who were sad about [ profile] merry_smutmas retiring - [ profile] trubbleclef told me that she and [ profile] midnightblue88 are putting together a fest that will try to fill that particular hole.

a holiday fic/art exchange for all slash and femslash pairings

Sign ups begin August 1st. Community rules may be found here.

Looks pretty, doesn't it? I'm not sure if I will be joining myself - guess it depends on how busy I'm going to get in that period - but I'm definitely giving it a thought. :D

I am SUCH AN ASS. D: I don't have anything ready for you! And, worse yet, it is 100% sure I won't have anything by the end of the day either! Saying that I miscalculated doesn't even come close to describing it :((

BUT for once you get to pick your gift. ;D What would you like me to draw for you? Oh, and no, "whatever you like" (or variations on that theme) is not a valid answer. ♥

I hope you will have/are having a blast of a day. I LOVE YOU, sweets! <333333333


Incidentally, OMG. Did I actually raise $480 dollars? O_o (...also, have I got this right? Did really three of you gang up together to get the six-drawings option? :O ) Oh dear, THANK YOU SO MUCH. <333333333
Before we begin: there's only a few days (er. One, actually) before [ profile] livelongnmarry ends (and I was not reminded just by my flist, OH NO). You guys have been so absolutely WONDERFUL to me, but there are also loads of other really interesting offers. Do check them out!

(And, omg. Thank you so much to everyone who bidded, you warmed my heart so much. If I didn't know myself well enough to realize how highly impractical it would be (honestly, I still have to finish answering the comments to the Gorecki-commentary! And it's a fun kind of thing for me!), I SO would draw something for each and every of you. ♥ ♥ ♥)


Here's the second masterlist! ♥ I was wondering whether to start it later on, but it'd probably be best to get to it asap. I do remember how long it took to do the last one. ;P

I'll try to keep updating it often, but these days I'm working at a local festival and it's been kind of eating up my waking hours - which is not really a complaint - hey, I meant that! It's been so fun! - ...okay, a little exhausting as well, but more fun than exhausting - so, it's not impossible that it might go a few days without me touching it. ;)

Oh! I'm afraid I didn't mention it last time, though I hope I didn't really have to: if you see any link that isn't working, is wrong or is just plain missing, please do tell me! I try my best to keep it all in check, but stuff like this has a way of happening anyway. ;P

Also, my fellow madwoman [ profile] crooked is maintaining the other half of the list, just like last time! ♥

And in case you might want to link here (be my guest ♥), a way could be:

stories | art

Angst | AU | Fluff/Romance | Horror/Adventure | Humor/Crack | Hurt/Comfort

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S
T | U | V | W | Y | Z

G | PG | PG-13 | R | NC-17

Together? I think so. )

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